Was Uri Geller’s illustrious (and controversial) psychic career just a mere front for the more serious business of being a psychic spy, Mossad agent and international man of magic, mystery and intrigue?

We’ve heard LOTS of people support (and refute) Uri Geller’s psychic (and spoon bending) abilities over the years…….but the recent documentary that claims Uri was actually an  undercover psychic spy may be the most intriguing to date. 

The truth is, believe what you want about Uri’s abilities…..but other than the one famous flop on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and professional debunker James Randi, Geller HAS in fact impressed a lot of very imporant people up close and personal, and I’ve had some conversations with some folks far smarter than I who are 100% sure that Uri Geller IS the real deal.  (while simultaneously being a bit of a publicity hound to boot!)

Check out the recent stories about Geller’s potential days as a psychic spy….and the new documentary on his life and times, at the link below! 

While Geller has his detractors, he apparently has some impressive supporters. Former CIA officer Kit Green, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and retired US army colonel John Alexander, re all interviewed in the film, according to the Independent.Mitchell’s work in various military paranormal studies was detailed in “The Men Who Stare At Goats.”Geller remains coy in the documentary about whether he was or wasn’t a spy, but according to evidence uncovered by Jayanti, some of his assignments included attempting to telepathically influence the mind of a Russian negotiator during Cold War arms talks in Geneva by beaming peace messages at his head and psychically erasing floppy discs being carried on jets by KGB agents, the Daily Mail reported.There were some assignments apparently Geller wouldn’t do. He was once asked to telepathically stop a pig’s heart, but declined because he figured he’d then be asked to do the same thing to then-Russian premier Yuri Andropov, according to the paper.

Uri Geller Documentary Claims That Spoonbending Psychic Was CIA Spy

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