Is Spirit Communication Scary?

Is talking to spirits scary?

Are they constantly interrupting daily life?  Do ghosts appear un-invited, or do they need to be “called” to communicate?

Do real mediums find themselves constantly in contact with the other side…..even when they don’t want to be?

There is so much myth and misinformation out there regarding how spirit communication works, and every psychic mediums experience with spirit is a bit different.

For me?  I see spirit with “psychic eyes“….and through the prism and perspective of my own personality and point of view.

And while my own psychic skills are NOT centered or particularly strong with spirit communication, (others here are MUCH better than I)
I have had many readings with clients where strong symbols, signs and even smells came through that were unequivocably messages from those on the other side….seemingly desperate to have their presence known.

Is that a scary experience for a NON medium like myself?  ( I do a very unique type of spiritual coaching and karmic cleansing that is more about healing traumas in THIS life that may have emanated from another…..but using very practical and grounded tools and techniques that many “non believers” even find profoundly transformational)

The truth is, seeing spirits…..once you have had some experience with the next world, is NOT scary.  After all, if you truly believe that the soul “survives” the death of the physical body, what is there left to fear?

If our conciousness continues after death…….how can any spirit visitation experience be something to dread?  I believe that the body is simply a temporary “box” that houses your authentic self while you are in physical form.  Your actual “self” is NOT the small self you see in the mirror….but a small part of something much bigger, more beautiful and more transcendent than any of us, (even those of us who DO this work for a living) can really even begin to imagine.

Once you’ve had a true glimpse of that sacred spiritual space….living in fear of the unknown becomes a lot less scary.  (and living with fear of ANYTHING at all becomes a lot less common, too!)

What have YOUR experiences with spirit been like?  Scary?  Enlightening?  Inspiring?  Let us know on TWITTER, or simply check out what some other mediums expereinces are like, by reading some other perspectives from around the web, below.

Don’t want to be surprised by spirits? – Tell your guides you will tune into them once a day but you don’t want surprise input without you asking for it.Even when you do see spirits in your mind’s eye, you are in control – you can make the spirit clearer, or less vivid. You can tune it out. You can tell it to go away. You can turn your mind’s eye off and completely ignore it (there may be times when you do need to do this). You can tell your spirit guides not to allow spirits to come through to you when you’re not consciously asking for it. You are essentially in control of your mind’s eye and you can turn off visions. It’s the same with clairaudience (which is the ability to hear spirits.)When it’s Time to Turn off Psychic AbilitiesIf you hear voices or see visions that you cannot control, then you really need to know that it is possible to turn it off, and you have to want to. If you’re in a position where you feel like you can’t control what you see/hear/sense, then you need to read this article: How to Switch off Psychic Abilities.Telling Spirits to Get LostBeing in control also applies to your space and your home.

4 Ways to Make Communicating With Spirits Less Scary

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