Most articles you find in this genre want to teach you how to turbocharge your psychic abilities.

I, too…..have lots of great tips and techniques for those of you who want to expand and explore your own innate psychic potential.

But this short post is about some of the simple ways ordinary people develop extraordinary psychic abilities by accident, instead ūüôā

After all…….

Learning to become psychic is hard work.

It’s not easy.¬† And typically‚Ķ does NOT happen overnight.

In my experience, psychic development is a process‚Ķ.and opening, and an expanded awareness where little bits of “more” are revealed to you, as your consciousness expands.

psychic meditationThere ARE however, some pretty well known experiences that can lead to instant psychic abilities.

(of course even defining what psychic abilities are or are not is often subject to a fair amount of controversy, but for our purposes, I mean getting access to information using any faculty outside of your 5 ordinary senses)

The EASIEST way to get psychic abilities instantly?

Having a near death experience, while probably not something anyone should voluntarily try, seems to change the brain in some yet to be understood way, that opens up the experiencer to all sorts of anomalous phenomena that they didn’t have access before.


Many NDE survivors speak of having on foot in this world….and one foot in the next, and describe having access to out of body states, spiritual visitation, powerful precognition and even some seemingly supernatural abilities as well that are beyond the scope of this article.


There ARE other ways to attain psychic abilities without being close to death of course, as well.

Some meditative practices, especially what are called “formless” mediation techniques, are an amazing way to have instant access to out of body states, and ethereal experiences that seem to be very similar to what people who have crossed over, and returned‚Ķ.report.

Did you know, for example‚Ķ..that much of what the Buddha taught, and much of Buddhist (and Hindu) teachings invoke what are called Siddhis’, or psychic powers (and spiritual beings) that are cultivated through practice, but that appear INSTANTLY, once a certain threshold of mental exploration is past?

I’ve personally had some incredible psychic experiences while in an out of body state, and they are very hard to describe with words, as at a certain point, they are so extra-ordinary, that words fail us.¬† (pretty much EVERYTHING that happens in an OBE is probably a psychic experience, as you are getting information about the world around you using some sort of sensory apparatus that is NOT found in the biological body)

¬†The good news is, MOST people have access to psychic abilities and “powers” that fit the bill above.¬† (even those of you who are skeptical, cynical and thing all of this is baloney!)

Some of my favorite experiences have been with those who have moved from hard core skeptic to astonished believer……and THAT, can (and does!) happen in a moment.