Psychic Development Classes (Community Poll)

Community Poll: For those of you interested in our #psychic development classes, would you prefer 1. Longer, detailed, more comprehensive courses on several related topics at once or 2. Super short, focused classes on mastering ONE skill, one ability or cultivating one “superpower” per class/lesson? Share your thoughts, or preferences with us on FB, by […]

pandrea psychic medium
Conversations with Clairvoyants

Pandrea Shares Her First Spiritual Experience (Conversations with Clairvoyants Series) As many of you know, we’ve recently started reaching out beyond the confines of our own community to explore some of the amazing, inspiring and enlightening experiences that many spiritual helpers, healers and transformational teachers offer their own clients and communities…..each and every day. We were fortunate enough to have a really great exchange […]


NDE’s and Psychic Abilities

Do near death experience cause psychic abilities? Can you be “normal” before an NDE, and come back with a psychic gift or the ability to see and speak to spirit? There is actually a lot of data on the relationship between psychic gifts, and spiritually transformative experiences like an NDE. Here is a brief conversation […]

psychic meditation
Featured Musings

How to Become Psychic Using Mindfulness Meditation

Who else thinks that you’ve got to be born special to be a psychic?  Do you look at intuition as a gift from God, or the Universe?  Or maybe you think that ALL psychic abilities are new age nonsense and spiritual silliness that only the gullible believe? The truth is, regardless of what you believe […]

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