Here is an interesting little excerpt from the “idiots guide to past life” recall……that actually has a few ideas in it worth checking out.  (and it’s not often I find myself being a fan of the “idiots” guide to anything, especially as it pertains to psychic or extraordinary experiences)

But – that said, one of the very BEST ways to remember a past life, or at least to explore a past life in theory is to simply walk yourself back through time, and simply notice what you notice with intense emotion, yet…..with another distance to be able to imagine that you are watching an actor in a movie, or a stranger playing out a script that IS your karmic journey.

While it’s not always my favorite way to explore past lives, I’ve used this method myself with some pretty good success, and the author here does a pretty good job of laying out some of the super simple steps that beginners can certainly try….to see if anything sticks!

Curious but NOT convinced?  Check out the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below.  

Visiting History

Do you have a favorite time in history that you are especially interested in? If you do, take a comfortable breath and imagine a picture from that time in your mind. Make note of the details in the scene. * Can you imagine being in the scene and looking through the eyes of someone there? If you can, feel their hair and describe what you feel. * Look at their feet. What do you see? * What about the clothes? How do they feel? * What is the temperature there? * What do you imagine for smells? * Do you experience the taste of anything? * What are the motions connected with the scene? Happy or unhappy? * Can you now watch this scene as if it was a movie? If something is unpleasant, you can always come back to the surface of your conscious mind.

How to Tap Into Your Past Lives—The Complete Idiot’s Quick Guide

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