Communicating with the Dead

Q:  What is the easiest way to communicate with a dead relative?  Are spirit communication techniques dangerous?  If yes….which ones are, which ones aren’t, and what should I AVOID doing if I want to give it a go?

A:  In my own experience, the only thing that is TRULY dangerous about spirit communication is reading about it online..:-)  There is so much BAD and simply silly information out there about “evil” spirits, and all sorts of weird expereinces that await folks who try to communicate with the  dead, that it can take what should be a beautiful process and turn it into something to avoid.

There are many, many easy ways to communicate with dead relatives……or to simply get your own evidence that the afterlife is real, without believing anything on false evidence, or bad ideas.

Meditation works wonderfully well – prayer and concentration can be very helpful – many visualization exercises are very effective, spiritual tools like ouija can work, mirror gazing, automatic writing, speaking to a genuine psychic medium or spiritual psychic, dream work and more.

The key is to find what works best for YOU, and your comfort zone, and simply begin to explore.

But remember……anytime you see silly articles  that tell you what NOT to do (because “evil” spirits await) it’s almost always the sort of stuff written by people who have NO experience with genuine spiritual knowlege, and are almost always regurgitating silly stuff they’ve read somewhere else.

(e.g. – I’ll often read that ouija boards are dangerous……or automatic writing is evil – or that trying to communicate with spirit in any way is an invitation for trouble……..they’re NOT – and in my 20 years in this field, I’ve never heard of anyone having a negative experience while trying to communicate with spirit, OTHER than not having any luck or success – but certainly NOTHING to fear)

The truth is – there IS overwhelming evidence that the afterlife is real. 

Millions of people have genuine, life changing and incredibly vivid and powerful experiences each and every year that convince them that there IS an “unseen” word that awaits us all.

But the only genuine way to prove it to yourself is to seek out the experiences, and seek out your OWN loved ones and get evidence that convinces you that it’s true, rather than trusting me, or anyone else.


Because blind faith is not truth.

When you have the actual experiences for yourself……. that’s called knowledge, and knowing something is true, rather than believing it because you HOPE it is, will give you the certitude and confidence and ultimately REAL COMFORT that we all need, when we lose someone we love.

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