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Now Reading: Psychic Dreams – What Do They Mean?


Psychic Dreams – What Do They Mean?

svgMay 27, 2013Psychic Blogangela

Do psychic dreams mean that you are actually psychic?  Are precognitive dreams common…..or do they happen only once in a long while?  What purpose do they serve?  Are they positive and uplifting, or are they more likely to be dire….and a warning of things to come?  (and avoid?)

The truth is, psychic dreams come in all types and stripes…and all kinds of flavors as well.  There are precognitive dreams that foreshadow future events.  There are spiritual dreams of a more transcendent, mysterious and tranformational type as well….where a loved one may come to you in your sleep…..YET, you know the “dream” has a quality to it that is extraordinarily lucid, clear and inspirational.  (and informative as well – many spirit visitation types of dreams have a communication of information that later proves useful AND “evidential” that something bigger took place than a mere hallucination)

I like the idea that psychic dreams can serve multiple masters:

  1. They can WARN you of some sort of future event and sort of serve as a cosmic “heads up” –
  2. Or –
  3. They can actually help you recognize that you are on the right path….and doing something that is part and parcel of your destiny.

I also like the idea that there is a piece of each of us that comes out in a sleeping, slumbering state that transcends the physical – some ethereal element that awakens when the rest of us rests and infuses our intuition with a truth, and a realness about our lives, and the universe and our purpose here that we ordinarily can’t tap into while awake and distracted by “real” life.

For some more thoughts on psychic dreams from around the web….check out the short article below!  (or share  your own thoughts with us on Twitter or in the community comments below)

The Purpose of Precognitive DreamsTo my mind, precognitive dreams have two main purposes:Firstly, they can act as a warning.A dream like this sometimes might show you something unpleasant that might occur if you continue on the path you’re on. You experience the consequences/unpleasantness in your dream, and it allows you to course-correct and make another choice if you want to, so that you avoid the outcome shown in your dream. Then what you dreamed may or may not come about, depending on the choices you have made.Sometimes people have precognitive dreams about world events. If the experiences of readers of this blog are anything to go by, it seems some people who are very ‘tuned in’ dreamt of the tsunami in Japan the night before it happened or a few days before it happened.The second purpose of a precognitive dream is to show you that you’re on the right path, like a little nod from spirit.A dream like this is usually one in which you see yourself, in a particular place. The details are usually very specific. Perhaps you see yourself doing something very specific, or you notice the specific details of your surroundings. Perhaps you’re speaking to someone who says something very unusual that sticks out in your memory.

Psychic Dreams – Are you Dreaming of the Future?

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    Psychic Dreams – What Do They Mean?

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