Everyone is at least a little bit psychic.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, either.

The truth is, while there are lots of people who will argue that you have to be born gifted, or have some sort of hereditary psychic or spiritual “lineage” to be extraordinarily intuitive, sensitive and receptive to energy and information…..in my OWN experience teaching and developing clients around the globe, that’s 100% bunk.

Let’s take a quick and easy look at some super simple exercises anyone can do, right now….to amp UP their psychic energy, and to begin having extraordinary experiences with spirit, precognition, or intuition….without drugs, danger or doing anything weird.

1 – Empathize with others

The more empathy you feel for the plight and predicament of those around you, the more tuned into their emotional energy you become.  the more tuned into their emotional energy….the more likely you’ll become to intuit where they are, where they’ve been and where they’re going as well.

2 – Somatic exercises

Yoga for example.  EFT is another.  (emotional freedom technique)  Walking mediation is a third.  Using a combination of tapping, touching and tapping INTO another dimension of energy and existence can all be a gateway to transcendent experiences that can only be described as divine.

3 – Visualization exercises

There are many, many cases of spontaneous psychic awakenings (often called Kundalini in the Eastern belief systems) where energy suddenly rises up and your whole body becomes alive with electricity and an extraordinary knowing.  (both about your OWN true purpose and karmic connection…and to the lives and loves of those around you)  Some somatic techniques, such as pranayama breathing, in conjunction with specific types of visualization (such as picturing energy, auras or color around people, places and things) can be incredibly effective for developing all sorts of cool “psychic” abilities.

 Don’t forget about simple, easy and effective tools like mediation.

You can literally start right now….and within a matter of weeks or months, be having incredible transformative experiences that CAN blow your mind.

 Did you know, for example….that many meditation teachings have very specific techniques designed for not only becoming psychic yourself, but for also having experiences with spirit, much the way a medium would, or how many people who have out of body experiences regularly report?

(they are called “Sidhhi’s” and have been documented and described by tens of thousands of monks, mediators, mediums, and run the gamut from ordinary psychic abilities like precognition…..to levitation, to out of body travel and spirit communication.  Even the Dali Lama has talked about them at great length and with practice they are fun, free and FAST to learn as well)

 What are YOUR favorite methods for psychic development?  With so many talented psychics, mediums, empaths, intuitives and clairvoyants on these pages….I’m sure we’ve got plenty of  common ground…yet plenty to learn anew as well!  Share on our Twitter page, or in the community comments below.

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