Here is a short interview we did with Ashley Strong. Ashley is not a “famous” medium or well known like many of the people we feature on our community, but as we are exploring some of the various people doing this work in the world, we reached out to a bunch of folks like Ashley, in the hope that they might offer some experience, or insight or perspective that our audience may find helpful. You can read her short Q and A – and decide for yourself, below!

Q:  What was your first spiritual experience.


ashley strong spiritualTo be honest, I’m not sure which experience was my first! Throughout life, I’ve seen lights, colors, sparkles, and people both internally and externally. I’ve also always had internal conversations and heard things that other people didn’t.

When I came out of the spiritual closet to my aunt she wasn’t surprised at all. Her response? “I’ve always known. I mean you used to talk to people on the ceiling that no one else could see.” I don’t remember that but I do remember people standing in my room at night. (My mom told me I was just dreaming but I was WIDE AWAKE!) From 3 years old until my early 20’s I had insanely vivid nightmares and dreams that I somehow taught myself to control. I thought everyone dreamt like that but I guess not! Ha!

Around 18 I started having more frequent and notable experiences. I was no longer able to push them off as imagination or me being crazy.

The first defining moment was about 6 months after my grandmother passed. I was sleeping and having a dream about her. She was laughing her quite infectious laugh and I remember (in my dream) telling her that she was being too loud and she was waking me up. Then, I actually woke up to find my door swinging back and forth. There was no draft. I still don’t know what made me say it but I sat straight up and said outloud “Grandma STOP IT! You’re freaking me out!” and immediately the door came to a dead stop. Half creeped out and half excited that my grandmother was clearly visiting, I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep.

Things like this started happening all the time! At 22 I bought my first home and told my husband it was haunted. He didn’t believe me. A month or so later we find out a murder had lived in the house before us.

Fast forward a year and a friend who passed of an overdose kept showing up in my dreams. He was being rude and nasty and just not himself. Since I learned to control my dreams at a young age I told him he wasn’t allowed to visit anymore if that was how he was going to be.

The next day I went out on a limb and called my bestfriend to tell her what had been going on. Her response? Similar to my aunts! “Dude, I’ve always known you were weird. You’ve had this forever…I thought you knew? It’s time to get this under control but if you’re going to do this you need to be safe about it. Learn your stuff first!”

So that is what I set out to do!

I started researching and quickly became overwhelmed and went down a spiritual rabbit hole. Then I tried to open up to quickly and scared myself back into hiding for a few months. Eventually, I learned about vibration, spirit guides, and the different clairs. From there – there was no turning back!

I left my very corporate job in November of 2016 to become a full time psychic medium and intuitive coach. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done but if there is one thing I have learned from accepting and working with this gift, it is trust. I see the world in an entirely different way than I used too. I trust that I am supported and I have to say that since the day I accepted this about myself life has been incredibly beautiful! I get to help others discover and uncover their own gifts, I get to help people make sense of their life-long experiences, and I get to help people connect with their deceased loved ones.

It took 20 something years for me to accept who and what I was but I am so grateful that I did!

Ashley Strong
Psychic Medium, Intuitive Development Teacher, and Mentor.

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