Are psychics and mediums real? What does eastern philosophy say about talking to deceased loved ones and ancestors? Can meditation help me connect to loved ones i’ve lost…..who have crossed? What is the best evidence for the reality of spiritual realms?

An interesting glimpse into the thoughts of Deepak Chopra on psychic mediums. Many people have found Deepak’s books and beliefs to be empowering, enlightening and spiritually transforming, and yet, it’s difficult to find places and spaces where he discusses psychic abilities, communicating with spirits, and these types of more “paranormal” experiences in a concrete way. (this is true of other well known spiritual authors as well – people like Eckhart Tolle and others seem to suggest they believe in something bigger and beyond the body, but whether that translates into a spiritual realm, where we continue to “exist” in some way, is often difficult to discern.

Here Deepak Chopra explores how he sees the magic and mystery of life, existence and life after death, with some interesting comments from the community, below the video as well.

What do you believe? Do “Eastern” ideas about the afterlife inform or inspire your faith – or do they confuse you more than help?

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