It feels strange to even have to ask that question, right?  You would think that empaths and narcissists are polar opposite personality types, right?  The truth is, many folks who claim to be empaths do so to feel “special”, gifted or unusually spiritual.  This is, in some ways, the quintessential trait of many people who are pathologically self absorbed as well – making the distinction between true narcissism and an empathic personality difficult to discern.

Of course, many empaths are unusually giving, selfless and committed to alleviating the suffering in the world as well.  Many empaths that we know are some of the least self centered people we could ever hope to meet.  But, before you take someone’s word for it that they’re an “empath”, take a little bit longer to get to know them better.  🙂  You may be surprised at what you learn.

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