A little something from our podcast for the light workers, transformational teachers, ,inspirational authors, and enlightened entrepreneurs in our community!

How is your work changing the world? That is the call of true #spiritual service, and if you have a gift….without that piece of the puzzle (or process) you shrink your story by NOT stepping up and standing out.

Ask yourself this:

Where do you lose your freedom? What distractions pull you off course? What makes you shrink your story, curb your contribution, and live a life smaller than what you know you were born to achieve?

So many of us spend so much of our time spinning our wheels, planning, aiming, re-planning, re-perfecting, re-aiming and ultimately…..never launching anything great.
The good news? The rest of your life starts now. In this moment. It is moment 1, or day 1, as you read these words.
The pursuit of perfection, is the enemy of achievement. So start getting your face, muddy, make some mistakes, have some fun, and

just BUILD something. Start something.

Launch something. DO something fun, and fearless and great.

Fierce focus and tiny wins. The rest will take care of itself.

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