Are Angels Real? (This May Change Your Mind)

Here is my confession:

I had been doing angel readings for close to 3 years BEFORE I had my own personal experience with a spirit guide or “guardian” angel of my own. I certainly BELIEVED that angels existed….and routinely helped clients and readers have their own amazing encounters with uplifting and inspiring energies on the other side. But as much as I believed….I still wasn’t 100% sure. And sometimes that uncertainty made me feel a bit like a fake, or fraud.

It wasn’t until I had a dream visitation experience with a loved one who had only crossed over THAT night, totally unexpectedly….that my intellectual understanding of angels and guides became an experiential knowing. A certainty and an extraordinary first hand encounter that would forever transform what I believed….into what I now know.

Here is my challenge:

If you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who are on the fence about guardian angels, guides and the idea that the spirit world is real, I CHALLENGE you to get personal proof. To immerse yourself in the experiences that will change your life forever…and transform what you “think” you know into extraordinary knowing. The kind that you don’t need to tell or sell other people on….simply because it no longer feels important to convince others in what you’ve seen for yourself.

The next logical question that people ask is HOW to get that personal proof for themselves? After all….while it may sound really smart and spiritual to discuss a belief in the afterlife, and our loved ones on the other side, the vast majority of people will NEVER seek out their own personal proof and bullet proof confirmation that any of this stuff is REALLY real, until the very end of their lives.

There are many ways to communicate with your spirit guides in this life…and to connect with your guardian angels in an interactive way as well.

Meditation is a simple one that anyone reading this right now can employ. But be forewarned: While ALL meditation is generally good and healthy and helpful, NOT all meditations are “created” equal. Some are far better for relaxation, and for mental clarity, than they are for inviting spiritual experiences with your guides.

The good news?

There are simple, specific, spiritual meditations that can help you facilitate instant experiences with spirit that many healers, empaths, mediums, spiritual teachers and intuitive advisors can teach you in 60 minutes or less.

Here is my INVITATION to YOU.

Seek out those who have had the spiritual experiences you seek and get personal proof that your guardian angels are around you, and always available.

  1. Set the INTENTION to connect and communicate.
    Offer an INVITATION for them to appear.
    Create a spiritual space…..or a LOCATION that allows magic to manifest in your life. (this can be a physical location in your home, or a spiritual space that has no physical location at all)

Lastly, allow yourself to FEEL your angels and guides before you see them. A good empath will have the SENSATION of spirit before actually seeing them, and if you begin to open yourself up to the power and the possibility, the very same will probably be true for you!

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