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Now Reading: Take a Past Life Quiz: The 10 Questions That Reveal The TRUE You


Take a Past Life Quiz: The 10 Questions That Reveal The TRUE You

Are you one of the millions of people who are curious about past lives……karma….and the crazy cool connections we have to the people and places we surround ourselves with everyday? What if we go, grow and FLOW from lifetime to lifetime….in the direction of our dreams and destiny, from culture to culture, continent to continent and even century to century….together, our friends, family and loved ones part of one singular soul group?

Sound nuts? Not so fast….! Whether it’s called past lives, karma, soul transmigration, twin flames , soul mates or spiritual contracts…..the idea that we live MANY lifetimes in many bodies is NOT a new age belief system. Instead….it’s one of the oldest, and most widely accepted spiritual stories in the world. (it’s just NOT quite as popular in the West as it is in East)

Continue reading below as we dive in and Discover some super simple questions you can ask to explore your OWN karma & spiritual story!

Have I lived before?  Was I famous in a past life?  Do I have soulmates….or spiritual relationships that transcend this current incarnation?  What is karma?  Does it continue to accrue or accumulate from lifetime to lifetime, or is the idea of past lives just new age nonsense and spiritual silliness instead?

The truth is, there is TONS and tons of compelling evidence for past lives, well outside just the “spiritual” domain.  Many serious studies of past lives, reincarnation and the idea that our essential energy continues on after the death of the body are going on right NOW, and in prestigious places that many folks would never know.

For example, one of the highest rated Universities in the US (the University of Virginia) has had a long standing department that has rigorously studied and published on past life memories, and many famous scientists and skeptics (including the late, great Carl Sagan and even currently well known atheist writer, speaker and blogger Sam Harris) have been very impressed with the incredible amount of evidence that has come out of these adventures around the world.

But what about the rest of us who AREN’T as interested in scientific proof…..but instead, simply know in our bones that we are MORE than our bodies….and feel curious and compelled to explore who we were before?

Here are 10 very simple, do it yourself questions you can ask yourself that help illuminate and inspire your past life memories to arise in THIS life, right now.


      1.  Do you have vivid dreams of people, places and perspectives you’ve never experienced in this life?  Are they hyperreal….and feel incredibly important, even though you can’t place them in a framework of your current life?

      2. spirit guides

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        Do you ever have brief but powerful feelings or flashbacks of another time and place….or even of being another person altogether?

      3. Have you ever found yourself consumed and compelled by a movie or novel or fictional drama that took place in another era….yet, you felt totally comfortable and called to a period that precedes the one we’re living in now?  (the further back…the STRONGER the experience can be)

      4. Do you have hobbies, passions or interests that feel deeply ingrained in your sense of self or spirit….yet, there is no rational reason for you to have taken up so strongly?  (these often are lifelong habits or hobbies that we pick up in childhood, without any parental or family input that would seem to make sense)

      5.  Do you play an instrument or speak a language or excel in an area that you’ve never really had to practice or perfect?  You just “know” how to do it, even though you have no real training?

      6. Are there people in your life who you’ve instantly felt karmically connected to in ways that transcend the obvious or even defy logic?  (often that INSTANT sense of “deja vu” or energetic connection to another person that is so strong that it sticks with you, sometimes for a lifetime, EVEN when that person is not part of your inner circle or current family)

      7.  Do you have dreams that recur night after night, or year after year, that are powerful, profound and seem to be calling you to a higher purpose or “reason for being”…..YET, often feature times, places, people and even a self that you don’t rationally recognize?

      8. Have you ever been to a brand new place, yet…..knew the landscape and geography like the back of your hand?

      9. Have you ever had the experience of doing something creative like writing, or playing music, drawing or painting when all of a sudden you seem to “channel” an energy or an ability that comes from somewhere outside of yourself?  (often called “automatic writing” or channeling)

      10. Have you ever spoken to a psychic, emotional empath or spiritual intuitive who has told you things about your current life….and your PAST lives that not only feel true, but that resonate in a way that gives you an amazing “A-ha” moment where everything seems to FINALLY “fit” and suddenly make sense?

spiritsThe truth is, there are many incredible, insightful and inspiring ways to remember your past lives, and your AUTHENTIC spiritual self.

In my view?<

Each of our lifetimes are about growing, flowing and dancing in the direction of our destiny…and waking UP to your authentic spiritual self is the very FIRST step in that process that can make it happen..and in a hurry! Enjoy!

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  • Valerie Brewer

    May 15, 2016 / at 3:24 pmsvgReply

    I often have dreams about saving people almost always near or on the water

  • Aziza

    April 24, 2015 / at 1:59 amsvgReply

    I feel this way a lot.
    I have a strong feeling like I am psychic. Not an extreme psychic just a mellow one. I sense paranormal activity. I attract it etc.
    Also I have an amazing talent in art. I’ve never taken any classes it just comes natural.
    When I dopain or draw it brings me many emotions.
    Anger (I grit my teeth but the anger is based on depression like I’ve lost something or frustration)
    Sadness like I’m incomplete
    And happiness like I’m filling in a hole thats empty.
    While painting and drawing I have extreme urge to draw eyes. Green eyes.

    Also when I listen to Celtic music I bring up emotions of belonging. I then get sad. It feels like I’m homesick. I can’t ever explain it.

    Another thing is when I watch westerns I’m drawn to situations of where a white woman is captured by a native brave and slowly but surely they connect and fall in love. I love watching those scenirios because I feel like I can relate.

    I so wish I could be read by a psychic medium. I feel so overwhelmed for not knowing something I know I deserve to know.
    I think that may be a reason behind my anxiety. I think this life I’m stuck behind questions I’ve failed to answer in my previous life. I feel this life is my hardest trial. Hopefully its not karma for what I’ve done previously. But seriously I’ve never been so confused in my life

  • Gwen

    November 4, 2014 / at 10:34 amsvgReply

    I’ve always had dreams of a guy named Michael who is between 18 and 20. He’s 5″10, muscular, and attractive. He wears name brand clothes and is athletic. He’s got dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is soft spoken, but not at all shy. He just talks quietly and is usually calm
    and relaxed. He’s intelligent, protective, brave, friendly, and chivalrous. In the dreams I had as a child, he saved me from monsters, ghosts, animals, and other people. Now that I’m a teen, I am his girlfriend in the dreams. And my name is something different in them.

     Here’s what’s weird. I also dream that I’m me and someone will say “Do you remember Michael? Your boyfriend. He died in ’93 in a car crash.” My head will begin to throb and my vision blurs and I have flash backs.

     I once dreamt that he saved me from a man who was about to rape me. I also dreamt that I was lying in a bed at an apartment in the city (When in reality I live in a house in the country) and I was in the fetal position under a blanket. “Rest In Peace.” by James Marsters was playing and I was in tears. I whispered “Mikey…” then I began to sob and say  “I miss Mikey! I should’ve died instead that night!”

    I wonder if this is someone I knew in a past life, or just my brain making detailed dreams. What do you guys think? 

  • Becky Specht

    September 29, 2014 / at 4:47 amsvgReply

    I hope this leads to a reading that I have been wanting for a long time now, you will pick of my problems where I am unable to go and unsure of the person I was trying to get a free reading, I hope to hear from you……

  • Monica

    September 28, 2014 / at 3:20 pmsvgReply

    I feel very drawn to two countries Spain and Germany.
    I have been to Spain on vacation a few times and feel so happy there. I love the music and culture. I get the feeling it is home to me and I was happy there.
    I am also very drawn to Germany. I have never been to Germany but again I am fascinated with the language, food and culture. As a child I was obsessed about reading about World War Two and everything that happened during that period. I am drawn to the clothes and music of the 1940’s. I have always wondered if it is a past life connection.

  • susanne

    September 16, 2014 / at 2:23 amsvgReply

    Not ones of these questions relate at all.

  • Susan

    September 11, 2014 / at 3:21 pmsvgReply

    I constantly have dreams of being chased, concentration camps etc

    • Lesley

      September 18, 2014 / at 3:53 pmsvgReply

      I always had dreams of hiding with great anxiety. I also liked living in VERY small places. Usually moved entire house things like kitchen stuff into my room. When I figured out I hid during the holocost ( similar to Anne Frank ) and acknowledged it, the desire to live like that disappeared after 50 years!

      • angela

        September 18, 2014 / at 4:10 pmsvgReply

        That is very cool, Lesley – thanks for sharing! And one of the very interesting things about past life memories, or past life regression, or simply the idea of exploring a continuation of consciousness in general is that they tend to be very therapeutic experiences…..and have helped countless people overcome all sorts of fears, phobias, and can be extraordinarily healing.

        Even for people think the idea of past lives are silly, or not “scientific” – I’ve seen so many people transformed from the experience that regardless of what one’s world view is, if they are healing people, or helping people, that alone is proof positive of their power! 🙂

        (and there are lots of good books out there that document this effect as well – from Dr. Brian Weiss’s work, to Dr Michael Newton’s work, to the more academic stuff being done at the University of Virginia and elsewhere as well!)

  • Jenny

    September 2, 2014 / at 10:14 pmsvgReply

    I need help knowing what to do and where to go in my life. I feel I need to go far away and start a new life. Should I go and if so where should I go.

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