Your Spirit Guides Come “Alive”! How to be Aware of Your Guardian Angels in Everyday Life

Where is my spirit guide when I need them most?  Do my guardian angels watch over me every day, and if so….HOW so?  If I have angels, guides and personal protectors from above, why do I keep having life difficulties, challenges and obstacles to overcome?  Wouldn’t they protect me, or keep me from EVER making poor choices?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, as a spiritual intuitive and emotional empath who works a lot with the ethereal energies of angels and guides…..we get a lot of questions about how angels manifest in our daily lives.

After all….the fact that people have problems, and also have those in “spirit” watching over them, can occasionally seem be a contradiction in life conditions, don’t you think?

Here are some of the truths I’ve learned along the way that not only make spiritual sense, but have allowed me, and my clients….to have a far greater understanding, and appreciation of my own life purpose as well!

– Your “angels” responsibility is NOT to keep you from ever making a misstep or mistake, or to prevent you from ever finding yourself in difficult or dangerous or even disappointing situations.

This is the very essence of being alive.  We ALL are going to experience those things and this is part and parcel of the process of being human.

My view, and what I’ve been taught through thousands of spiritual experiences both in “this” world, and the next is that we each choose our difficulties in life to experience the evolution required to allow us to grow, go and flow and in the direction of our destiny.

What we learn in this life through the challenges and obstacles and CHOICES that we make, is an important part of the spiritual progress that we take with us from one world, to the next.

Without those experience, you would have NO opportunity to evolve.

Life would be stale and stagnant and you would never have the opportunity to transform into a wiser, wider and more AWAKE being of beauty, bliss, love and light.  (what I believe to be our natural state)

If your guardian angels, spirit guides, soul family or karmic community kept you from harms way all of the time?

They would actually be hindering your progress on the path of enlightenment and ultimate awareness, rather than being of spiritual service to your true dharma or purpose.   (which is to have an amazing array  of spiritual experiences and create the kind of  karma that empowers you to keep moving forward on the path)

I’ve learned these lessons over and over again in my own work…and those who have had exceptional spiritual experiences like NDE’s, profound past life memories, nearing death awareness, or even more common everyday psychic experiences ALL report seeing spirits who gently remind them of their purpose on “earth”.  It’s not that they’re never around when we need them, instead….they are ALWAYS around, and always there to make sure we are living, learning, growing and flowing in the right direction instead!

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