One of the first things people ask me whenever they are planning or preparing for a psychic reading is WHAT should I ask?  No matter how excited you may be about getting a reading, or no matter what issues are most pressing or problematic or feel most urgent in your life, the chances are….you are probably still a bit uncertain about how to start a reading with questions, especially if it’s someone you’re speaking to for the very first time.

The good news?  Every GENUINE reader understands and empathizes with this, and knows that people struggle to come up with specific questions that really do reflect what they really DO want to know.

It’s also important to understand that over time, especially if you stick with one or 2 very specific readers, you are going  to find that the connection, the energy and the intuitive UNDERSTANDING between you gets so good that you’ll rarely worry about what to ask again.

That said, especially if you are just getting started on your own psychic or spiritual adventure, here are a few really good GENERAL questions to ask a psychic, empath or clairvoyant to build a real rapport and relationship that will go, grow and flow over the course of the remainder of the reading.  (or hopefully, if you like their style, through future sessions as well)

1 – What do you sense about my life purpose?  What is it specially that I’m here to DO?

2 – Why can’t I seem to be comfortable in my own skin?  Is there something I can do to feel more connected to spiritual self?

3 – Why do the same negative patterns recur in my life over and over again?  Is this karma….or simply a function of choosing poorly?

4 – Do I have an aura or energy that is visible?  If so….what does my energetic or spiritual body tell you about my authentic self?

5 – How can I live a more centered and spiritual life?  Are there any good exercises or techniques for awakening my connection to something bigger than my body?

6 – How can I develop or improve my OWN intuition and psychic sensitivity?

7 – Do you see, feel or sense any spirit guides, ethereal energies or guardian angels around me?  If so….who are they, and  how are we karmically connected?

Make sense?  These sorts of questions are simple, are non confrontational, and yet….will easily allow the reader to realize that you are truly interested in expanding your own awareness and living a life of purpose.  (something I can tell you from personal experience is VERY important to most folks on this path, especially those of us who do this work professionally)

What NOT to ask?

In light of the above, don’t ask super silly questions about lottery numbers, or give your reader a psychic “test” to confirm or prove their abilities.

If you aren’t comfortable that a reader is the real deal, or simply believe that all psychics are fakes, ask around BEFORE you schedule your session with a specific psychic.  Then, try to be respectful!

We’re all human beings…..and even those of us who do unusual work with invisible energies are trying to do our best to serve.  Testing or playing “gotchya” is time wasted for all…and an open mind to the magic, and the mystery is all you need to have the experience of a lifetime!

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