I know that sounds like a big and bold promise, right?  Believe me, it’s not.  Every single person reading this right now has the ability to INSTANTLY transform their karma, their sense of connection and their sense of magic and meaning in the Universe, right now.  (starting today)

The truth is, I know this approach not only WORKS, but it works wonderfully well and quite literally, works overnight.  How am I so sure?  Because my OWN Life changed in about 45 seconds more than a decade ago, after having a spiritually transformative experience that awakened my slumbering sense of spiritual awe and opened up a wide window in the wonderful invisible world around us all.

The thing is…..I CAN’T promise the same thing for you.  I was lucky, or in the right place at the right time, or simply was “chosen” by a loved one who had passed away, mere minutes earlier on the other side of the globe, who appeared to me, and woke me up, to wave goodbye.

That experience transformed me from a serious skeptic and agnostic/atheist, to a true blue believer that there is something about the human soul that survives the death of our physical bodies, and that there is MEANING and magic in all of our lives if we only are willing to see.

And while that experience DID change me forever, and did change my sense of service to the world, and my karmic connection to every other person I meet (as I know now we’re ALL connected), it wasn’t the thing that really “transformed” my karma, and improved my “luck” in life.

Instead, the practice of the following 3 principles, each and every day ever since, are what has.

1 – The JOY of Jamais Vu

Most people in spiritual circles talk about deja vu, or the felling of knowing you’ve been somewhere before.  In reality, the REAL spiritual principle that can change your life is JAMAIS vu, or the act of seeing EVERYTHING yet again…as if you are seeing it for the very first time.  That means living your life in a way that NOTHING feels the same…instead, it all feels new and alive and SACRED, as if you are experiencing it all for the very first time.  Picture falling in love with your wife again every day for the rest of your life, or seeing a sunrise each and every morning as if it’s new, and amazing and exciting.

The truth is, jamais vu is not a silly spiritual phrase that people use in metaphysical books to make money.  Its a way of life that all of us can use to infuse new life in old eyes and to act juice and jump and JOY into your life, each and every new day.

2 – Next, look at everything through the eyes of a karmic perspective.

Maybe that person who just cut you off in traffic is there to teach you a lesson in patience, or in turning the other cheek, or in NOT responding the same way as they.  If you imagine that you did something far worse to that person in a previous lifetime…and that small act of defiance is their way of “getting even” in this lifetime, in the grand scheme of things, you realize that you can be grateful for EVERYTHING.

I love the quote by Wayne Dyer – “How people treat you is their karma.  how you respond is yours”  That is TRUE authentic spirituality that we can all use in our day to day lives, with the understanding that ONE day, all of these lessons are going to make a lot more sense, I promise!

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