The following exercise will help you remember your past lives.  It will also awaken memories, and meaningful moments in THIS life.  It’s not going to be written with flowery, new age language, or esoteric ideas that don’t work.  Instead, these are the very specific steps you can immediately use in your own life, right now, to get a glimpse at your TRUE, timeless and authentic self.  The piece of you that doesn’t’ die.  The part of you that was here before…and will continue to live again.

Of course this a bit simplified for a more popular audience,but this approach works wonderfully well for opening a wide window in the wild, wacky and often wonderful world that awaits us all when we remember that we are TRULY timeless spirtual beings having a temporary physical experience, rather than the other way around.  (as the famous quote teaches us as well)

I encourage you to re-read these instructions several times before trying them.  They are easy.  They are safe.  They are simple, straightforward and easy to follow.  And if you are truly serious about discovering more about your personal purpose and greater spiritual journey, they are super effective as well.

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Enjoy 🙂

  1. Lie down in a safe place where you will be undisturbed.
  2. You can sit down as well.
  3. The key is to be comfortable.  And relaxed.
  4. Please close your eyes.
  5. Count ten big breaths in and out.
  6. Breath in on 10.  Breath out of 10.
  7. Repeat this for every number until you get to 1.
  8. On “1” open your “ethereal eyes”.  (your inner eyes….while keeping your physical eyes closed)
  9. With your inner eyes open, picture that you are standing on the roof of a tall building.
  10. This building has as many floor as your current age.
  11. If you are 50, the building has 50 floors.
  12. If you are 20, the building has 20 floors.
  13. There is a simple doorway on the roof to your right.
  14. It is a stairway from the basement levels to the roof.
  15. Walk to it now.
  16. Open the door and begin descending.
  17. When you get to the first floor below the roof, there is a number on the door.
  18. That number corresponds to your age this time last year.
  19. Open the door.
  20. You see a long empty hallway.
  21. It is brightly lit, totally safe, warm and welcoming.
  22. Look in the hallway.
  23. There is someone standing at the end of the hallway.
  24. That person is you 1 year ago today.
  25. You feel safe, protected and inspired to proceed.
  26. Continue walking down the stairway.
  27. Begin to think of important times and dates in your life.
  28. Events that changed you, molded you, made you into the person you are right now.
  29. Go and visit those floors.
  30. See yourself in each hallway, exactly as you remember you were when those events took place.
  31. If you choose to, you can see each event on each floor, as it happened.
  32. You can watch it unfold as a movie.
  33. You know that all is okay today.  You are alive, awake and inspired.  Nothing can harm you.  No past event can touch you today.  You are you, but not you.  You are now the you that is bigger than your body, stronger than your story, and simply watching the meaningful moments of your life unfold.
  34. Continue to descend the staircase.
  35. See the numbers 6, 5, and 4 come and pass.
  36. You now want to stop and try to remember your very first memory.  The very earliest thing you can remember about this lifetime.
  37. Open that door and look in.
  38. See yourself living that memory.  You are very young.  A small child.  Watch that memory.  This is you.  But yet, not you anymore.  You have grown so much.  Changed so much.  And yet, the very essence of that small child is the very same essence that is within you right now.
  39. Smile at the memory.  You are okay.  You are whole.  You are safe.
  40. Continue to walk down the staircase until you get to the bottom floor.
  41. It has no number on the door.
  42. It has no memories that you can remember.
  43. This is unchartered territory.
  44. And yet beyond that door is love and light.  Beauty and bliss. it is safe.  It is free.  It is home.
  45. Open the door and step through.

Notes:  This is an incredible way to not only remember your past lives, but to remember that events and memories from this lifetime are NOT you.  You are bigger than thoughts.  Your true self is beyond the body and 100% free.  Your karma, on the other hand, is directly influenced by your actions, so where you are right now, IS in fact, probably related to much of what you have done for better or worse across each year, each “floor” and each lifetime.

Also — don’t be afraid of opening that last door!  What lies beyond that is simply the spiritual state that exists between lives – a world filled with light and love, beauty and bliss and the energy of all that is ultimately important to your journey.

The memories of 100 lifetimes live in the space….and you can see them, feel them, and relive them much the same way that you can do for memorable or meaningful events from THIS lifetime.

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