KARMIC-LOGO had a very interesting conversation earlier today that I thought I’d share.

One of our readers asked me what I looked for to decide if a psychic or medium or spiritual teacher was real. After all…..running a popular directory and several other spiritual communities with some of the best known “light workers” in the world, this person thought I’d have some sort of amazingly insightful answer on the 1 tell tale sign a psychic or medium is in fact the real deal.

I thought about it for a moment….and before I even really planned what I was going to say, one word flew off my lips completely without warning.

That word was….and is, HUMILITY.

And while humility is as great quality in most people, for lots of obvious reasons, when it comes to THIS work, it symbolizes something far more powerful, and far more important as well.

I want to give you a quick example.

In a fit of Tuesday night boredom, last night….I was checking out of our members Facebook updates. This is a member of our psychic community, and someone who I believe is honest, ethical, means well and truly has a sense of passion and purpose wrapped up in her work. She is also someone I have a little bit of a private professional relationship with otherwise, and like what I know about her overall.

And she was lamenting the fact that someone had left her a scathing review on one of the popular local rating sites…and seemed genuinely distressed at what this client, who had come to her for a medium reading, had to say and share about the experience. According to the medium, she had been unfairly attacked, tarnished and slandered and was asking her fans, friends and followers to make up for it, by leaving a positive review to offset the harsh words.

So, I went and read what this person had said about the reading.

It wasn’t flattering to say the least.

But, it was very specific with regard to the shortcomings she felt she had experienced during the reading.

This woman had recently lost a loved one (her son) in a tragic motorbike accident, and was desperately craving a connection with her boy.

According to the very detailed description of the reading she got, there was absolutely NOTHING that our medium shared, that remotely resembled her son, her situation, his passing or her life overall. AS a matter of fact, the reading sounded to me to be an EPIC failure and flop, and I would have been equally as unhappy had it have been me.

But that’s not my issue. There are plenty of good mediums who serve up bad readings, and anyone who tells you it doesn’t happen, is not telling you the truth.

My problem is, according to the woman who left the review, not only was she over-charged for the reading (because, in the words of the medium, she had been very “drained” by the experience), but when the woman addressed the situation, she was reimbursed for the overage…..but was told that in some way, it was HER emotional state or issue that caused her to reject the reading, and the connection the medium was certain she had made.

And that I have a problem with.

And NOT because I think our medium is a bad person. (she clearly is not, and I believe her to be well meaning, regardless of ability)

But because, when I re-checked her Facebook page, all of the “support” from the other spiritual professionals in her crowd had a BLAME the “victim” attitude.

  1. It was the clients fault she didn’t get the messages she wanted.
  2. Or, she only heard what she wanted.
  3. Or, she wasn’t seeing clearly, or wasn’t hearing clearly, or wasn’t ready to connect with son.

No one said…..hey, that sucks that the reading went so badly. Obviously something went wrong – nothing accurate came through – why not just apologize, say you didn’t make a connection, and give her money back?

Instead, the attitude is, blame the person on the other end of the phone……or the person who came to you for answers.

Blame them for not understanding what spirit was saying.

And that just sucks. And it ain’t smart either.

Because no authentic medium is ON everyday.

And the BEST mediums, the ones filled with humanity and humility, will tell you that from jump.

That they will do their best – and allow the messages to go and grow and flow, and when they are clear and consistent, that sense of connection with something bigger, and bolder and more beautiful than ourselves is UNDENIABLE.

But when they aren’t…..it’s not your fault. OR their fault. Or “spirits” fault.

It’s just the way of the invisible world….that wild, weird, and wacky window that opens up into a wonderful world of magic, mystery and meaning, and offers up HOPE and healing to all of us who take that step.

But it’s never your fault if it doesn’t happen.

And any medium who tells you that it is – or that they are infallible in how they serve up messages from spirit when something goes amiss?

They are missing the one quality that may trump them all.