What is an ADC?  Are they real?  Is is the same thing as seeing a ghost, or are they simply hallucinations or brain blips that mean nothing at all?  And if not……why not?

The truth is, after death communication experiences MAY be the least reported, but most evidential types of “encounters” that offer personal proof of an afterlife, and yet…..there is really so little published information about them.

What is an ADC?

Essentially, an after death communication refers to any experience with someone who is deceased.  These experiences are usually INCREDIBLY profound, life changing and offer unfettered personal proof that the human soul, spirit and even personality “survives” the death of the physical body.

Are ADC’s always visual experiences?

Often they are!  But there are many ADC’s that are actually really significant, and incredibly spiritually transformative, but use other senses other than sight.  For example?  Hearing the sound of a parent playing a favorite piano tune……even though there is no piano in the room, or anywhere close.  (and often, this being reported by multiple people simultaneously, reducing the chances that the experience was wishful thinking by a single person)

Or smelling a favorite perfume is another.  Many people report an extraordinary intuitive KNOWING and expanded awareness during an ADC, that transcends simple language or explanation.

But, a great deal of these experiences ARE in fact visual apparitions, and often….are experienced by multiple people at the same time, greatly reducing the chances that they are hallucinations, byproducts of an overactive imagination and other misperceptions that are far more likely to take place in the “mind” of a single person.

Other interesting byproducts of an ADC?

The vast majority of people who have one, report it to be amongst the single MOST significant life events they’ve had, even 10, 20 or 30 years later.

They also transform people’s beliefs and personal perspectives on life, death and everything that happens in between, in a way that is unmatched by any other form of religious teaching, reading or personal exploration.


Because when you’ve had an intimate glimpse of what the next world MAY hold for us, and have gotten personal confirmation that our loved ones don’t die…..the ramifications for how much we may fear death – and equally as important, how much we fear living LIFE as well!

Here is a good video interview on afterlife encounters with Eldon Taylor and Diane Archangel, which touches on her remarkable work with people who have had incredibly spiritually transformational experiences, and why it all matters!

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