Do I have a spirit guide?  Where are they?  Do spirit guides have a gender?  Are spirit guides human……or have they never lived before?  What is the primary difference between a spirit guide and a guardian angel?  Can I have both?  And if not…..WHY not?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, a spirit guide, or the idea that EACH of us has a personal protector from above is NOT a new age concept or some sort of fairy tale dreamt up by spiritualists, or people who want to believe in extraordinary things.

As a matter of fact….many of the most brilliant scientists, writers and philosophers of all time have believed in spirit guides, and have used those guides to help them make incredible decisions about life, death, karma, passion, path and purpose and just about everything else.

Socrates and Aristotle BOTH, two men who are considered amongst the greatest minds of all time, both famously consulted spirit guides for many of their greatest ideas and claimed that many of their most ingenious ideas came from other realms.

As a matter of fact…..the word GENIUS itself, is derived from the notion of spirit guides and daemons, or the idea that every man had a guide or spiritual helper that would provide them with insight, illumination and guidance when they needed it most.  When a ruler or celebrity or powerful person would fail in these societies, it wasn’t THEM that would be blamed, often it would be their spirit guide!  (pretty nice to be able to blame everything on your guides when things go wrong, right? 🙂

So how do ordinary people today get to meet their angels, guides and personal protectors?

First, you’ve got to ASK.  Rarely will they appear without some sort of intentionality on your part.  

As someone who has made his livelihood for the last decade or so researching psychics and spirits and angelic experience and extraordinary adventures of all kinds,  there are 5 major components to connecting with your guides.


  1. 1 – Intention.  (you’ve got to set it…..PRIOR to trying to connect)
  2. 2 – ATTENTION  (where you choose to focus your energy in the pursuit of having an experience with spiritual realities.  it often takes a number of “tries” to get it right)
  3. 3 – Visualization (you have to be able to VISUALIZE your guides with what I refer to as your “ethereal eyes”, or with your intuition and energy that runs far more deeply than your physical body allows)
  4. 4 – Dedication (you need to have a crisis or a reason or a compelling cause to summon your guides for them to appear)
  5. 5 – Meditation – This is the act of quieting your mind and creating a space for spiritual experiences of ALL kinds, chief amongst them….visits from those not, or no longer living in our world.

What do YOU believe about guides, angels, and ethereal protectors from up above?  Have you had a crazy or cool or reassuring experience that has made you a believer….or are you still curious but NOT convinced?

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