Have you lived a past life?  If so…..HOW so?  Who were you?  Why did you come back?  Why are you here now….and what are you here to do?  What will it say on your tombstone when THIS incarnation is over, and why does it even matter at all?
Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, if you are anything like the millions of people who are trying to figure out the purpose and meaning of our lives, opening a wide and wonderful window into the wacky (and often weird) world of past life memories, and reincarnation can be an exhilarating ride.

The funny thing is……

The vast majority of people who DO remember past lives don’t think they were Cleopatra, or King Arthur, or some super duper famous celebrity in a previous incarnation.  Most of us remember mundane, yet meaningful lives that are part of a larger unfolding and evolution in our personal, and collective spiritual journey.

There are about 21 good questions I like to use when trying to help jog or unpack the past life memories of clients.

Here are 7 simple ones that can help you start on your own personal journey…and can radically reinvent your perception of who you are….where you’ve been, AND where you’re going as well!

  1. Do you feel a karmic or strong emotional/energetic connection to people, places and things that seems to be out of whack with your current experience?
  2. Is there a foreign language that feels “native”, or incredibly comfortable to you….even though it’s not one you were taught, or grew up around?
  3. Do you have any unusual natural artistic or musical talent that seems disproportionate to the amount of effort you’ve spent to master it?
  4. Do you have any odd scars, birthmarks or even physical abnormalities that correspond strongly with an emotional or energetic event that you can’t quite remember?
  5. Do you feel a strong intuitive or psychic sense about future events that often come true?
  6. Do you have lucid dreams or visitation experiences while sleeping….where you see people, places or faces that you immediately recognize, and yet, when you awake you can’t place them in your current lifetime?
  7. Do you have an incredible interest in all things spiritual……even though your friends, family and peer group couldn’t care less?

The truth is, in my own experience, people who gravitate towards spiritual life, and who crave a connection with something transcendent or yearn to “remember” a spiritual truth that seems to missing from ALL of our daily lives, seem to be the ones most likely to quickly remember their own past lives, and experience  the biggest benefits in this one, once they do!

What about YOU?  What past life memories are most powerful in your own life?  Or….do you believe the whole idea of past lives, and reincarnation is silly?  Share your past life memories in the community comments, or on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what YOU believe about life after death, past lives and the future of your soul! 🙂

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