Want some super simple rules of the road for identifying your spirit guide?  Let’s look at some simple Q and A that many people ask about naming their guides, and the some of the spiritual silliness that you really MUST avoid if you are serious about getting genuine help from above.
Q:  Are all spirit guides “people” we once knew in life?

A:  My experience says no, not always.  You have karmic connections to people,  places and things that most of us spend a lifetime, blissfuly unaware of, and yet…..these connections play huge roles in how our lives unfold.

Sometimes this can manifest as an ancestral connection.  This can be a person who may have preceded your lifetime by several centuries, and yet….there is some sort of soul contract or spiritual connection that keeps them very much alive in your current incarnation, in ways that most of us simply can’t conceive.

Other times your spirit guides truly are those you’ve loved in life.  Most commonly family, friends, and loved ones who you were close to here…and who remain karmically, and energetically, close to you there.

Q:  Is there any REAL way to get personal proof that spirit guides are real?  I’m curious but NOT convinced!

A:  I think that everyone should seek out personal proof, rather than trust an article like this, or believe you have a spirit guide simply because it makes you feel good to believe it’s true.

The best ways to discover your own guides?

DO ask!  

Meditation is a great way of connecting with the wisdom that lives within you, and the inner intuition that has answers that the logical mind can’t conceptualize.   I like to quiet my mind once a day and connect with my own inner guidance, and when available….I’ll ask for the same from those in spirit as well.

DO seek OUT your spirit guides.

Get an angel or guide reading.  Connect to a community of people who embrace the experience.  Use spiritual and introspective tools.  Even ouija, something that many people think of as scary or for seances alone, can be an amazing, inspirational and intuitive tool for channeling your guides in a  constructive way that is 100% safe, and a lot of fun.

DO work on developing your own intuition and expanding your awareness.

The REAL key to all of this “spiritual” stuff is simple and can be captured in 2 words.  Expand your awareness.  Allow yourself to open to all of the amazing energy and activity in your environment that you typically don’t see.  Develop your intuition and psychic senses and you’ll be amazed at how clearly your connection to your guides become, and how clearly they’ll appear to you when you do!

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