Addicted to Psychics? (We think NOT :-)

Can you become addicted to psychic readings?  Or worse….can you become addicted to BAD psychic readings that don’t serve any purpose in your life at all?

Articles like this one always make me smile a little bit 🙂  It’s the old “I don’t REALLY believe in psychics…..yet, I can’t stop myself from calling, visiting or seeing what they have to say.”

What she’s really saying is – she intuitively understands that there is something bigger, bolder and more beautifully mysterious in the world than she can see, taste or touch, and while she hasn’t yet had an experience with a reader that has convinced her, in her gut….where it matters most, she knows the spiritual score.

Why people have to “admit” in an embarrassed way that they seek out spiritual advice in times of crossroads or crisis, I’ll never understand, though.

Do YOU is the best spiritual advice anyone can offer  – and you don’t need to justify what your intuition tells you, to anyone else – ever. 

And that’s free “psychic” advice from me to you that won’t cost a penny – re-invest it wisely and pay it forward – that’s the best kind of karma there is 🙂

Check out the whole article on being addicted to psychics, from XOjane (a very funny online rag/mag by the way) at the link following the short excerpt below.

As far as addictions go, I’m aware that mine isn’t particularly debaucherous. (As a well-rounded and complicated modern 36-year-old woman, I’ve dabbled in other addictions, too, so I consider myself well informed about the misery and helplessness that a serious “habit” can entail.) My psychic Thing is far from glamorous, and though it’s a frivolous expense, it doesn’t cost me more than a few hundred dollars a year. So why have I felt compelled to keep mum until now? Because it’s totally embarrassing.See, I shouldn’t need psychics in the first place. Born and raised in Washington, DC, I went to college in Massachusetts and lived in NYC for 5 years after college — in other words, I’m East Coast-flavored, through and through. Hence, I talk fast, possess a colorful collection of neuroses, and am admittedly a bit jaded (especially in the romantic realm). I’m also sarcastic and cynical to the point of extreme pessimism. Having struggled with clinical depression since high school, my view of the world — and my place in it — has always been rather dark, despite my occasional, half-hearted attempts to “think positively,” “stay open-minded,” and “trust in the Universe” (gag).

I Don’t Actually Believe In Psychics, But for Some Reason I Can’t Stop Seeing Them | xoJane

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