1 – An honest psychic is willing to be wrong

There is nothing worse that speaking to a psychic, medium or spiritual teacher who is a know it all.  Someone who insists they are always right….and that if you disagree with what they see, the issue is with YOU and not with them.

Are there occasions when people don’t necessarily remember or acknowledge a truth being told to them by a reader that’s actually 100% accurate?

Of course.  And are there times when a reader can (and should) get a bit frustrated when that information is not being accepted or acknowledged as true?  Yes again.  But that doesn’t mean that even the BEST psychics or mediums are ever always right…and any psychic who “claims” to be right using a percentage, is someone I wouldn’t trust, or recommend my own readers see.

2 – An honest psychic doesn’t cast spells, fix curses or heal the sick

If a reader starts to tell you that they can perform certain rituals to do extraordinary, magical things…..I’d start to back away.

A good medium is a channel.  A conduit.  A vehicle by which information flows to and through and into you.  A good medium (or psychic, clairvoyant or other spiritual teacher) is NOT a deity or a special soul, purely on the basis of having a more refined or developed gift than the rest of us.  Anyone who tells you that they will perform magic for a price…..(.e.g – place a hex on someone, or bring back a lover who has left) is not doing spiritual work, and is tapping into silly stereotypes that make all of us look bad to boot.

3 – An honest psychic doesn’t change his or her price in the middle of a reading for “more” information

If you feel like you are in a used car lot during a reading, and sense a “bait and switch” style technique coming, it’s a good idea to go the other way as well.  Why?  Good readers who are honest are EMPOWERED by giving  you what you came for…and aren’t enticed to charge more, for more!  A true psychic or medium is a healer.

And those of us who are in this work get tremendous satisfaction out of helping people dance in the direction of their destiny, or get a sense of hope and healing and happiness while grieving a loss.  If you feel you are being “bilked” for bucks……run, don’t walk, the other way in a hurry!

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