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Now Reading: Denise Lescano (Florida Psychic Medium)


Denise Lescano (Florida Psychic Medium)

The newest addition to our psychic directory is South Florida Psychic and Spiritual Medium, Denise Lescano.  (Special thanks to several of our Florida readers for pointing her out!)

Check out Denise’s directory listing below……and if you’ve had a reading with her, please leave a review under her listing page as well.  And as always, if you have a psychic, medium or spiritual teacher that you would like for us to include, use the contact form above, or let us know on Facebook, and we’re happy to take a closer look.  (or if you are a practicing psychic yourself, share your links so we can include you as well!)

Denise self describes her areas of expertise to include Spirit Medium, Psychic, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer-Certified Reiki Master trained in traditional Usui Shiko Ryocho Reiki.Denise has also written a book “The Messenger” which is available on her site, and her work as a spiritual medium has also been featured in “Visits from Heaven” by Josie Varga, along with other well known scientists, mediums and spiritual explorers.

Denise Lescano Psychic Medium

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    Denise Lescano (Florida Psychic Medium)

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