Psychics and Skeptics – The Only Real Way to Prove Mediums are Real

Q:  What is the best way to prove that a medium is real?  Can a psychic take a test to authenticate psychic powers? Is there a scientific tool or technique that can measure the energy that emanates from a reader……or the information that they aquire?  What is the best way to get PROOF that any of this stuff is really REAL in the first place…and not some sort of new age nonsense or spiritual silliness that we all want to believe is true, but only because it makes us feel good?

The truth is, one of the most frustrating elements of being involved in writing, researching and publishing information about psychic or spiritual matters is dealing with the angry, often obnoxious and personal attacks put forward by those who choose not to believe.

I always find it a bit ironic that the folks who claim to “hate” on psychics and mediums because it give people false hope….are the very same ones who insult and demean those who are seeking out and FINDING help, healing and emotional support through the very readings that many mediums  provide.

After all….even if a medium reading was nothing more than a great way to FEEL better about losing a loved one – and instilled a feeling of awe and inspiration a the idea of being reunited with that loved one 1 day……how bad could that be, EVEN if you are skeptical – and even if you don’t believe that the information is real?

Would you rather these very same people who are helped, often radically transformed by a reading…….NOT believe, and instead, wallow in grief, despair and despondent depression for the rest of their days?

It really makes no sense to me – and my own deep intuition is that most of the hard core haters the skeptics and cynics who insult the mediums under the cloak of “caring” about the feelings of their clients – are really deeply unhappy, angry and bellicose people who are offended at the idea that the world may in fact be a more magical, mysterious and magnificent place than we know.

So why do I bring all of this up today?

Simply due to a news story I happened across a few minutes ago, about John Edward and his upcoming appearance in Syracuse, New York…as covered in the local media newspaper.  (Syracuse.Com)

What happened?

I’m sure you can guess 🙂

After the story about Edward’s upcoming event, a whole host of nasty comments ensue about how all of this “spiritual” stuff is silly….and how Edward himself is a bad guy – and how the paper itself should be embarrassed for covering it.

But that’s not the part that I care about.  (that’s the part I expect)

But insulting bit?

A commenter shares her experience with seeing John Edward in person, and how helpful it was, and how life changing it was for her and her family….and how the information they received on that day would have been impossible to get in advance, or to research or to dig up or deceive.  (something the skeptics ALWAYS like to argue is being done in these group events……but would be so ridiculous to do it’s an embarrassing argument)

Of course….after she makes her comment – the skeptics attack – but not directed at John Edward. 

Now they’re attacking HER. 

Personal attacks are the last bastion of a bad argument (and a flawed philosophy) and it’s shameful that this random person sharing a positive experience was called names on a local website, most likely in her own community – simply because she shared an experience that was meaningful – and that made a difference in how her family sees the world thereafter.

Ironically, when I had come back from a John Edward event a few years ago and shared some of the incredible information that emanated from some of the readings that night – including that of a young couple who had just lost a small child – and who I saw pull up in the parking lot a few building down the street as I arrived as well  – and overheard them arguing about small things like normal people do – the husband clearly didn’t want to be there -they could have been going to a sporting event or a local concert…..and were clearly NOT “planted” there by anyone…….when I watched as Edward described in incredible detail their own personal tragedy, and watched them weep in wonder and later walk out hand in hand…..I don’t care what your beliefs are about life, or death or what happens before or after, to deny them the beauty of their experience is, in my opinion – evil. 

(when I shared this story with a business partner who is incredibly skeptical of all things spiritual and refuses to even look at anything that may change his mind – he simply said – “it’s all a scam” and left it at that 🙂

I’m smart enough these days to not argue with friends and family who refuse to lift their heads out of the sand to even sniff what may be a new experience 🙂

The key is, OWN your own experiences. 

Do your OWN due dillegence. 

Keep an open mind…..but DON’T let your brains fall out.  Just because one mediums is truly amazing, doesn’t mean another can’t be a crock.

But the more you open the window into the wide and wonderful world we inhabit – the more you realize how little of it we ordinarily see. 


And if your window is shuttered – that truly is a shame.

You can read the full article about John Edward in Syracuse after the short excerpt below – and the community comments where most of the name calling happens as well.

Agree?  Disagree?  Share YOUR expereinces with us on Twitter, or Facebook…..or in our OWN community comments below!

John Edward is the REAL deal. I was a skeptic myself until September of 2009 when I went with my family to see him. My grandmother had passed away the year before, after a long battle with cancer, and had always watched his show “Crossing Over”. My grandfather (who is an old-school “off the boat” Italian) used to tell her to “get that crap off of the television.” My mom, grandfather and I were all reluctant to attend, because we thought the entire thing was bs, but my aunt insisted. We thought to ourselves “what a waste of money.” We sat in the Civic Center with at least 200 other people…we were the second family to be “chosen” by him. I have put chosen in quotes because he is not the one choosing, the people who have passed are making the decision for him. My grandmother had come through. John Edward told us ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE things that NO ONE would know, things you couldn’t google..things only our immediate family knew. People always think, “oh these mediums tell you general things to make you believe.” NO. That is NOT what John Edward does. John Edward gave us details, for instance, he told us that my grandmother was quite upset with the clothes we had chosen to bury her in..and he told us what color clothes they were and the exact color and style of clothing she would have preferred – which is something she used to wear often. And no, this clothing was not in her obituary picture or anywhere on the internet. How could he have known that? Our tickets were purchased online, you cannot search for information like that if you tried. I’m also pretty sure he read about 20 plus families that day, so that would make for a LOT of work for him and his team if it even WERE possible.

Psychic medium John Edward returns to Syracuse to talk to the dead, advise the living |

  1. Toni

    Even though have not had the privilege or money to go see John Edward I believe in him. I saw his shows on tv and I own some of his books. If people do not believe in him or anyone else then they should leave it at that and quit trying to bring everyone else down. The people that are doing this must be afraid to know what is really going on out there. I believe there are many Psychics, Mediums, or what ever a lot of them call themselves may not be real but I also believe that many of them have the gift, and if it eases peoples minds and helps them through this life I am all for it. I do believe John Edwards is for real and I believe Theresa from Holly Wood is a great Medium as I watch her shows every chance I get. I see she has a wonderful family as well and they support her all the way. What I say to you people out there that does not believe in any of these people is keep it to yourself how you feel about them until you experience them for yourself and quit being nasty to the people that believe.

  2. Thanks, Toni – I agree with a lot of what you shared above – I actually believe that people who get so *angry* when others choose to look at life (and death) differently than they, is actually a wide window into their own uncertainly – and insecurity – and in many cases, deep seated unhappiness as well.

    Of course there are many, many people who are smart, well adjusted and completely content without choosing to believe in anything at all…..but I find they are far less likely to be angry – and argumentative – and insulting to the intelligence to those of us who do – through the proof of personal experience – or simply because it feels better to have “faith” as well! 🙂

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