Can a sudden increase in brain activity in rats….at the moment of death, explain the near death experience phenomena?  Do rodents also have NDE’s?  And if they do……is it fair to assume that the very same thing is happening to humans, at the moment of death – e.g. – a sudden surge in electrical activity in the brain that causes seemingly incredible “spiritual” experiences that are really only the byproducts of a dying brain?

A new study seems to suggest that IS the case.  (and of course, these studies always crop up to explain away the NDE as a brain blip and to trivialize those of us who have had the experience or believe it’s NOT happening in our heads 🙂

While this IS interesting – it doesn’t scrape the edge of the iceberg when it comes to all of the things that NDE’rs report – including, being able to accurately report thigns happening far away from their bodies, while their brains were dead.  As a matter of fact, until someone DOES explain that component with one of these studies – the thousands upon thousands of folks who have seen and heard things that were accurate, and verfied as true by others involved, all of the “brain blip” stuff doesn’t really do much to tell us much about what actually an NDE truly is.  (as one of the doctors in the article below thankfully pointed out)

Check out the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below 🙂

It’s called a near-death experience, but the emphasis is on “near.” The heart stops, you feel yourself float up and out of your body. You glide toward the entrance of a tunnel, and a searing bright light envelops your field of vision.It could be the afterlife, as many people who have come close to dying have asserted. But a new study says it might well be a show created by the brain, which is still very much alive. When the heart stops, neurons in the brain appeared to communicate at an even higher level than normal, perhaps setting off the last picture show, packed with special effects.“A lot of people believed that what they saw was heaven,” said lead researcher and neurologist Jimo Borjigin. “Science hadn’t given them a convincing alternative.”

Surge of brain activity may explain near-death experience, study says – Washington Post

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