Is Rihanna seeing a psychic…and if so, who is this mystery woman that has become such an important part of her inner spiritual circle?

The truth is, the media and tabloids always love a good celebrity spiritual crisis and never pass up a good opportunity to include titallating details like a mystery medium or spiritual soothsayer to add intrigue to a story.

At the same time, many, MANY celebrities regularly seek out spiritual advice from out of the way places, and we have many surprising stories to tell about people in power you’d never expect to find refuge in the advice of all types of intuitive professionals.  (remember the stories about Hillary Clinton in the White House channeling Elanoor Roosevelt and regularly having mediums in for late night counseling sessions?  We’re told 100% true and THEN some..:-)

As far as Rihanna goes, if she IS getting regular advice from a reputable psychic or spiritual professional….we say, ALL the more power to her, and that she’s in mighty good company to boot!

Check out the short article below for more details.  

Rihanna is reportedly so worried about losing her fame because of her hectic lifestyle, shes’ seeing a psychic.If she’s not on stage performing for her fans, she’s in the studio, on Twitter or lapping up the life of luxury on a yacht with pals.Constantly doing something, the 25-year-old has also turned superstitious and has invested in a Buddhist fortune-teller and a psychic for help.‘Rihanna is exhausted at the moment and feeling lonely,’ a source said.‘She’s worried her fans could turn against her and is also convinced she’ll lose her fame.‘It’s made her really superstitious. She sees signs and omens in normal events.‘Rihanna has been to see a psychic and a fortune-teller, and asked for a look into her future.’

Rihanna ‘enlisting help of psychic as she is paranoid about losing her fame’ | Metro News

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