Here is an interview in a local paper with NY psychic medium Jim Fargiano, a medium we’ve recently listed for review on our spirit directory.

Jim describes the process by which he became psychic, and opened up to the world of spirit as pure coincidence….after enduring a period of deep depression and beginning to meditate, Fargiano began receiving messages from family members who had passed on, and a whole bunch of other cool, creative (and clairvoyant) experiences began in earnest.

The truth is, many people find their psychic center through meditation….and it’s truly one of the very best ordinary ways to open yourself up to the extraordinary magic and mystery of what we are ALL capable of if only we allowed ourselves to explore.

Check out the full interview at the link below – and don’t forget to share your experience with Jim Fargiano if you’ve had a reading as well.  (or have read his wonderful book of channeled messages, The Spoken Words of Spirit as well!)

“I started reading, came across a meditation and thought I’d try it,” he says. All sorts of imagery came into his head, he recalls. He likens it to images that one might see while falling off to sleep.The second time, the experience intensified. “A massive stream of white light poured into my head. I saw images of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, Moses and Buddha. I knew then that everything was going to be fine,” Fargiano says.That was 20 years ago this month. “And it just kept growing from there,” he said. “About six weeks later, something new happened. I started channeling my grandfather, my Dad’s dad, someone I had never met.”Fargiano explains that he has “next to no recall” of what he says during these times, which he describes as “a light trance.” At the time of his grandfather’s first “appearance” he’d just begun recording his sessions, at the suggestion of a medium he’d consulted.

‘Lessons from the other side’: Interview with local psychic-medium

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