What is the best evidence for the afterlife? 

Are psychic mediums and spiritual readings like the ones we feature here the ONLY way to get evidence that your loved ones live on after death, or are there alternative approaches that work equally as well?

The truth is, there are lots and lots of unique and exciting experiences which seem to strongly suggest that the “spirit” is a separate entity from the physical body.

There are OBE’s, astral projection experiences, near death experiences, crisis apparitions, ghostly encounters or ADC’s as they called in psychic and spiritual circles (after death communications)

There are also all sorts of other equally as suggestive experiences that point to the idea that your conciousness is NOT a byproduct of your brain, and instead is something that “lives” outside of your body to boot.

For example – ?

Well, other than the above….there is remote viewing, ESP,  and other forms of clairvoyance…along with other cool experiences like precognitive dreams, deja vu, JAMAIS vu, and cosmic conciousness types of experiences that suggest that we are all cut from the same cloth and all part of the same universal tapestry and fabric of love, light and original source.

If I had to PICK the 4 strongest types of evidence for an afterlife?

I would probably say psychic mediumship readings where evidence comes through that is so strong…that it’s impossible to explain away as a good guess, luck, coincidence or even other psychic skills like mind reading or ESP.

I would also say that near death experiences, after death communication (e.g. – the many millions of people who are visited by a loved one after their death and even death bed visions….where people who are dying have moments of final lucidity and seem to speak to people who have passed on in a calm and coherent way, often having entire conversations that shock others in the room.  (many famous cases of this phenomena are well known, and Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s famous book “On Death and Dying” popularized the concept of how common death bed visions really are and are NOT caused by drugs or hallucinations or other brain blips that are easily explained away)

Are all of these facts PROOF that the afterlife is real?

I would say, individually…..no.  But taken together…along with the incredible body of inspiring evidence that exists that there IS something beyond deaths door, including the life’s work of many of the mediums who are part of OUR community, I think the pendulum can be safely swung in the PROOF Positive direction!

For more types of afterlife evidence, check out some of the additional links below, or make an appointment to speak to one of the mediums in our directory and get your OWN personal proof and first hand evidence as well 🙂

# Near Death Experiences: (people who have extraordinary experiences while “clinically” dead, often with no vital signs or brain activity for many minutes)# Out of Body Experiences: (people who leave their bodies, and see things happening many miles away that are later validated – often called Astral Projection, which is usually thought of as the INTENTIONAL experience of learning to leave one’s body, rather than it happening spontaneously)# Crisis Apparitions: People who appear to others in “spiritual” form at the moment of death, or severe trauma. Many of these cases have been reported in wars, or when someone is struck with an unexpected trauma like a sudden heart attack or car accident… and “appears” to others many miles away to say goodbye# Death Bed Visions: People who report seeing loved ones at their death beds, often “invisible” to others in the room (although… NOT always..:-) who have come to help them “transition” to the other side# After Death Communications: (or ADC’s) Very simply, these are more commonly thought of as “ghosts” – when someone who is LONG dead appears after their demise to you in physical, or energetic “form” to communicate something. (often is important… and other times can be trivial and re-assuring)

Is There an Afterlife? 9 Astonishing Facts That Prove the Afterlife is Real (No Bull!)

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