Some of the best evidence for reincarnation comes from some of the smallest….and most sincere amongst us 🙂

How so?

Many of the most credible claims for past life memories come from small children who have very clear and lucid memories of past lives that defy skeptical explanation.

They often remember people, places, dates, events and even historical facts that are seemingly impossible for them to know….even when you take into account all of the ways a young child could get access to information.  (such as movies, TV, books, casual conversation, parents, etc)

Of course that doesn’t PROVE that these kids have lived past lives.  But it does strongly suggest something extraordinary is happening that defies what we know about memory, esp or telepathy, karma and other spiritual concepts.  ( I of course beleive it DOES In fact point to past lives being as true as your current one, but in deference to the skeptics and cynics out there, UNLESS you can prove that it’s fraud or cheating or some sort of scam, some of these cases are very hard to explain away using conventional skeptical explanations SHORT of outright calling everyone involved a liar)

The late Dr. Ian Stevenson, in his epic tome “20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation”  (and much of his later work) was heavily reliant on the memories of small children, as he thought they were some of the best types of evidence for past lives that exist.  (much of that very same work is still being conducted by the way, at the University of Virginia, by Dr. Stevenson’s protege’s and peers)

Curious but not convinced?

Check out a few of the better cases of kids remembering past lives from around the web below – OR – if you are a psychic or past life therapist who works in this area, share with us some of YOUR better cases using our contact form…and we’ll share them with OUR audience as well!

James Leininger who lives in Louisiana, is eight years old. For the past five and a half years he has been talking about his dreams and memories of being a man called LT.James McCready Huston, a World War two fighter pilot, from Uniontown, who had been killed in Iwo Jima, more than fifty years before. At only two and a half years old, the boy began talking about aviation, and his knowledge of the subject was amazing. He had never been taught this, as the subject was something that his parents knew nothing about.He started having nightmares about being shot down by a Japanese plane with a red sun on it. The child’s parents began to study the subject, and to their astonishment, realised that something extremely extraordinary was happening. There was no way James could have known this true information. His nightmares started after his father had taken him to Dallas flight museum. But there was nothing there that would or could have started these amazing revelations.

Past Lives Reincarnation- The True Story of The Children Who Have Lived Before

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