With a three-year long waiting list and celebrity clientele including Lana Del Rey and Emma Roberts, Fleur Leussink is a psychic to the stars. Laura Hampson taps into her spiritual side to see what all the fuss is about

An interesting article reviewing Medium Fleur.  We have heard lots of good things about Fleur, but i’m not sure that this article captures what I’d call an “Evidential reading” – or really all that impressive of one.    It’s interesting to us how when real journalists (in this case, a well known journalist from the Independent) claims to be so “skeptical” and then finds themselves so easily persuaded by information that to those of us who know the medium universe a bit better….doesn’t feel all that persuasive.

(e.g. – the information that Medium Fleur purportedly shared with her per the reading, at least how she describes it in the article…..would NOT be something most folks who seek out evidential mediums would be that impressed by, but i digress 🙂

Have you had a reading with Medium Fleur?  Seen her in person?  Read her most recent book?  I’m on the fence a bit as to my own impressions about Fleur Leussink as a professional medium relative to what i’ve seen of her work (Angie has written a review on her recent book as well which we’ll publish this Summer) but I’m curious what other people think!  Share in the comments – or by email!

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