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What are the best questions to ask a medium?  Is there any way to tell if a medium is cheating, or making it up, or cold reading BEFORE I get too far in?  And what should I expect from a psychic reading where I’m trying to connect with someone that I’ve lost….like a parent, or relative, a lover or a spouse?

Any of these questions sound familiar?

The truth is, for most people…..the opportunity to seek out psychic or spiritual advice in the form of a medium reading can be an amazing and exhilarating experience.

Yet….when most people actually sit down and have the reading, they get tongue tied, or forget what they wanted to ask, and find themselves kicking themselves with regret about all of the MOST compelling questions they really wanted answered.

The truth is, in my own experience with over a decade and a half of writing about and researching mediums, as well as doing readings myself, the one thing that is abundantly clear is that most people are SO overwhelmed when they actually have the session, that there is more left UNSAID, than settled.

With that in mind, here are 3 super simple questions that you can write down ahead of time, to get the sort of information, illumination and INSPIRATION that your loved ones in spirit, really ARE close, and you will get a chance to see them again.

1 – Evidential Questions.

Write down a few questions that will give YOU personal proof and validation that your loved one really is there.  Be careful and cautious though – you don’t want to upset or offend the medium with what feels like a confrontational or challenging tone – but simply let them know that this is a meaningful way for YOU to get validation that your loved one really is connected to them during the session…and to you by extension.

2 – Empowering Questions

The truth is, everyone should leave a good spiritual experience feeling BETTER than when you came in.  And yet so many people ask petty questions when they have a psychic session, that is always astounds me.  Ask questions that are designed to make you feel like living your BEST life, and finding your true PASSION and purpose…….rather than those that are overly personal, and petty, about existing trial, troubles and tribulations that you may be experiencing with friends, family members, or other folks since your loved one has crossed.

3 – Precognitive Questions

While this isn’t always possible, you often CAN get a glimmer or glimpse into future events by asking questions that are precognitive in nature.  Many mediums, empowered by the insight they get from spirit during a reading, ARE able to tap into a transcendent place that seems outside time and space, and offer up information from spirit that directly relates to decisions you are making NOW…and how those choices impact your future health and happiness.

It’s not always 100% accurate, but I’ve seen remarkable insights come from some spirits…especially those that have been “gone” a while, and these sorts of questions are ALWAYS amazing when the answers….and outcomes end up becoming true!

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