Super interesting discussion in the comments of this particular study (AWARE) where they are looking for evidence of “non local” consciousness during NDE experiences in a hospital setting.

Can science ever prove NDE’s are real? Does it even matter? What do you believe?

If you mentioned this point and I missed it, apologies. But arguably the most important element about the case of Mr A in the Aware study, is that he somehow heard the automated command to “shock the patient”. This is actually impossible, as in order for the machine to issue that instruction, it has had to go through the process of analysing the patient’s heart rhythm, in this case ventricular fibrillation which is heart stoppage, meaning zero blood flow into the brain. Without blood flow into the brain, consciousness is lost immediately and the global electrical activity of the brain (and brain stem) disappears completely within 10 to 20 seconds. The machine can’t make a mistake and you can’t hear and remember anything without a functioning brain, so it is indeed impossible that Mr A heard this instruction (and he actually heard it twice which is even more incredible). His other observations from a position across/up in the corner of the room, were also remarkable, as his bodily vision (the potential to see with his physical eyes) was blindsighted by a raised curtain at his upper chest level which had been placed there to prevent him from seeing the registrar inserting the catheter into his groin (cardiac catherterisation). So he should not have been able to see the bald ‘chunky fella’ with a shaved head and a blue scrub hat at all, let alone from the back of him (he reported seeing the registrar’s back, not his face). This man very likely came from an ethnic minority background (in the UK) and was not religious and his family assumed it was the effects of the drugs etc (he wasn’t given any drugs except something to neutralise the feeling in his groin). So, altogether an exceptional case but there are hundreds of these now. Materialist sceptics have done everything they can to either ignore them, or write them off as the product of some narrow functioning of the brain or drugs or wishful psychology, but there’s simply far too many cases now.

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