Matt Fraser is one of the more highly debated mediums we’ve written about over the last 5 years or so.

Some people seem to love him.

Others? Not so much 🙂

Matt Fraser has also been written about extensively by skeptic organizations who not only accuse him of cold reading…..but, who claim to have found some pretty persuasive evidence that he’s doing research on the folks who come to his events and “performances.” (which is a pretty terrible thing, if true)

Personally? Not a fan. But others here, no doubt, think he’s the real deal.

What say you? Leave a 2023 review of Matt Fraser in the community comments below!

Psychic medium Matt Fraser from “Meet The Frasers” stops by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to prove to Kelly that he can, in fact, see dead people. As Matt surveys the audience, he connects with a woman’s mother who departed and hopes to connect with her daughter from the afterlife. Stay tuned for the full episode coming soon.

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