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Now Reading: Is John Edward a Scam? John Edward Testimonials


Is John Edward a Scam? John Edward Testimonials

svgJanuary 28, 2018Musingsangela

Is John Edward a real medium? Is he cold reading? Is he scamming people, or is he really talking to the dead?

It’s amazing how many people ask us about our opinion on John Edward, over and above just about any other psychic medium in the world. Even when other famous mediums get more popular or well known (e.g. – Theresa Caputo, Tyler Henry, etc) the interest in John always seems to be deeper and more intense.

For some reason, John Edward tends to elicit a much more polarized perspective than other psychics, mediums and “healers”. Why? We’re not sure! We’ve seen John on a number of occassions, and he’s always been gracious, friendly, empathic and on point. People who claim he is cold reading, doing research or other nefarious activity to help his readings are entitled to their opinions of course, but I don’t think, even for skeptics, a close examination of his work bears that out to be true.

Have you had a reading with John Edward? Share it with us on FB, good/bad/ or otherwise – or in the community comments below

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  • Donna

    March 14, 2022 / at 1:12 amsvgReply

    I believe I may be an em-path. Now what do I do?

  • Jean

    February 28, 2022 / at 10:17 pmsvgReply

    We all have the same abilities as John Edwards, however, most people have been crippled by social myth to believe they are just flesh and bone. On that tac, I am a psychic reader as well and there are many of us out there living great lives. This should be the norm. So, shouldn’t the article read: “Why do people believe they have no intuition?” rather than being skeptical about the real thing? Social programming is to blame, especially in this country. We are the only country that believes this type of natural born talent has to always be fake. You are missing the boat! Open your eyes and your heart. He is for real and I do not have to be in his presence to know because of one simple fact that all psychics know: there is no separation of time and space in the etherial realm. I am highly talented in all the ‘clairs’ since birth, and can tell instantly if someone is who they say they are, and he is the real thing. He can be valuable to you. You never know what you will learn in a day. He is humble and earnest, a trait of many psychics. Watch out for those who ‘show-boat’.

    • goodkarma

      March 1, 2022 / at 2:29 amsvgReply

      Thanks for the comment, Jean – I do disagree though – there are millions of people in “this country” (i’m assuming you are referring to the USA) who believe in psychic mediumship and all sorts of spiritually transformative experiences. Social programming has very little to do with exceptional experiences – if you give a skeptic the requisite amount of a psychedelic, for example, his or her prior belief system is irrelevant to the subsequent experience on offer. The same is true for near death experiences, cosmic consciousness experiences and the whole spectrum of after death communication experiences. (previous beliefs, or the lack thereof, has very little to do with the change in behavior, or belief thereafter) Running this community with many hundreds of self proclaimed mediums, psychics and folks who claim to have special powers – I can tell you from first hand experience, that there are very few John Edwards out there – which is why his is a name we know, while most others, are names we don’t 🙂 Good luck!

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    Is John Edward a Scam? John Edward Testimonials

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