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Love in the Afterlife

svgJanuary 29, 2018Musingsangela

Amazing & evidential “shared death experience” (very rarely written about, but truly a transformative and exceptional NDE)

Have you had an NDE or spirit visitation like this one? Share with us by inbox, on FB (or leave a comment below) – we are writing a short guide to NDE’s and psychic abilities – and we’d love to hear from our community (especially those of you who have more psychic/spiritual or empathetic gifts)

My husband and I were riding our motorcycle when we had a terrible accident. During the accident, my body was slammed to the ground.

I left my body lying on the ground and found myself in a starry tunnel. I knew that if I let myself go all the way through it, I wouldn’t come back. There was no fear or pain. I felt infinite love but at the same time I was focused on my struggle not to reach the end of the tunnel. I knew I didn’t want to leave my children and that I needed to call emergency services for my husband.

As I began to fly through the tunnel, the first thing I noticed was that I was looking down on the embankment that we had crashed into. I felt the pull to go on further getting stronger and stronger. I saw a light appear at the end of the tunnel. But I kept fighting with all my strength to STOP and go no further.

Suddenly I was in a field of tall, beautiful, green grass that was undulating in waves—yet there was no wind. Overhead, the sky was pink/rosy/purple and I felt a strong sense of well-being, as if I were in a wonderful paradise—a sort of Garden of Eden.

I saw my husband walking towards me through the grass. We looked at each other and without talking, I understood that he had died. I knew that at this moment we had to say goodbye. He let me know that he will be waiting for me, but for now I need to care for our boys.

Then I was on the ground again, back in my body and feeling overwhelming pain. Despite my serious injuries, I got up and walked. I was afraid I would die if I let myself just lie there. I had nine broken ribs, a hemopneumothorax (air and blood in the chest cavity) one fractured vertebra, my thumb joint and my knee were seriously sprained, and both shoulder blades were broken.

When I was told that my husband had died in the accident, I already knew.

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    Love in the Afterlife

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