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Now Reading: Where do Psychic Abilities Come From?


Where do Psychic Abilities Come From?

svgJanuary 28, 2018Musingsangela

We’ve added a new question thread on our psychic questions category on how psychic abilities arise in real life.  With so many different theories about how and why and when people become psychic or spiritually gifted, it’s often difficult to discern what is real, and what is pure fantasy.

(even people are have unusually good psychic gifts can be confused about the cause or the proximal event which led to those abilities)  In other words, you can be a GREAT artist and think you got the gift from god, when in reality, you just got lucky in the artistic gene area 🙂  At least that’s what I believe!  What about you?  Share with us in the community comments section here.

How do you become psychic?

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    Where do Psychic Abilities Come From?

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