Conversations with Clairvoyants: Our Brand New “Spiritual Storytellers Series” Featuring Mini Morsels of Magic, Mystery & Meaning in Every Day Life!

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work in this community…….is being able to connect with hundreds of passionate, purpose driven helpers, healers, transformational teachers, inspirational authors, luminous light workers, ethereal explorers, spiritual seekers, and all those who aspire to light the lamp and pave the path for the rest of us, by sharing their unique experiences, words, work and wisdom that inspire us all.

I have always been interested in spiritually transformative experiences. About a year ago, as part of this community – I had the pleasure of interviewing 100’s of ordinary people who had reported an EXTRAORDINARY “near death experience” and whose lives were forever changed, by virtue of that magical, mysterious and most meaningful adventure into the unknown.

I am also, somewhat paradoxically to some – a natural skeptic – and while my mind is always open…..i’m mindful not to let my brains fall out on the spiritual seekers path.

So when one of the members of our community suggested we reach out to our professional peers – people who teach transformation – who often have had powerful and profound awakening experiences – and those who find themselves working between worlds – with one foot in THIS one, and one in wild,weird, wacky and wonderful invisible world that awaits…..I jumped at the chance.

Our new “Conversations with Clairvoyants” spiritual storyteller series is a compilation of curated conversations, and mini morsels of magic with world class psychics, mediums, spiritual seekers, ethereal explorers, inspirational architects, growth gurus, blogging bodhisattva’s and fascinating folks we find around the web….and the world – doing helpful, healing work that the world truly needs.

If you know of a truly gifted, world class healer who we ought to talk to, get in touch! (SuddenlyPsychic(AT) or inbox us or share on our Facebook page here.

Our very first contribution is from Susan Grau, an inspiring teacher, speaker and well respected medium who had a near death experience at a very young age.

We asked Susan – What do you Love? – Who does it serve? And how does your work change the world? Read her answer here.

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