Q:  What are the signs that a psychic medium is fake?  Said differently, are there red flags on a psychic or medium’s website, blog or online advertising that make them appear to be a scam?

We’ve talked a fair amount about psychic “scams”, bad mediums and fake “healers” over the years, simply because they do much harm, both to the psyche’s of those they read or prey on, as well as to the industry as a whole.  There is a big difference, I would add, between a psychic scam or a “fake” psychic or spiritual healer, versus someone who may MEAN well, and truly want to help and serve, but simply isn’t all that talented, gifted or intuitive, outside of being well intentioned.

But, many of the people who contact us after having a bad experience, are often those who have fallen victim to what I would say – is completely misleading advertising, and complete misrepresentation of what psychic mediumship, spiritual healing and true bodhisattva or light work is all about.

Here is a perfect example of this, from the ad copy on a texas psychic mediums website, that I feel is a glaring red flag, and a complete mis-aprehension about the work real healers do.  (full name removed – but the rest of the wording is 100% as it appears on her site)

Ab***  is proven to be 99.8% accurate in all of her readings. weather your issue is love? or possibly  business or finance she  is able to tap into the situation and see what’s going on. she is licensed and professional Abigail runs her own business in north texas. she is a level 10 superior healer she has never failed a case. she has mastered all of her abilities and also trains other psychics. when other psychic’s have difficult cases they call upon Abigail for her power and strength. Abigail specializes in love, marriage, divorce, affairs, career, home, family and friends.


The truth?

There is NO medium who is “proven” to be 99.8% accurate…..period.  Anyone who makes this claim, is simply making it up, and ought not to be trusted.  And what is a level 10 superior healer?  Does that mean something, or is that some sort of word salad of spiritual sounding silliness that means absolutely nothing to the rest of us?  What if I called myself a 14th level manifester of magnificence and added that to my professional bio?  They are just words and unfortunately, quite often, ,meant to manipulate and deceive, confuse and conquer, and sell spiritual sounding services to the gullible and needy.

Our first rule?

Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.  Trust, but verify.  (I think Ronald Reagan said that about politicians – and i’m fairly convinced, it applies to the rest of us, especially as spiritual seekers on the path for truth!)

What has your experience been?  Have you been deceived by a fake medium?  Share with us on Facebook, or in the community comments below.

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