“Is John Edward a real medium?”

Dr. Oz claims, “John Edward changed my life”

If so….how come he gets so much bad press? We received an interesting series of messages this morning on our Facebook page, of which, the above….was just a small portion. A woman who had recently lost her husband, was asking us about John Edward (amongst other well known psychic mediums) and after reading some of his reviews and the experiences of others sprinkled through our site over the years…..wanted to know how come he had so much bad press.

The truth is, ALL well known mediums get tons of bad press. (not just John 🙂 As a general rule, the more famous you are, the more more negative, nasty and derogatory content there is going to be about you, especially online. This applies to ALL famous people of course, but psychic mediums attract a very specific type of acrimony you won’t find in most other fields, professions or areas of expertise.

Why? Because so many cynics, skeptics and debunkers are so positively persuaded and perpetually pushy that there is:

  • No soul.
    No spirit.
    No afterlife.
    No transcendent reality.
    No God.
    Nothing other than blood and bones and biology behind the us, that is us.

So when someone who has extraordinary experiences that suggest we are BIGGER than our bodies, and that we have souls and a personality that persists beyond death, these people tend to become vociferously and enthusiastic with the insults, the name calling and the accusations.

john edward appointmentsJohn Edward, probably more than any other psychic or medium in modern history, has been the target of much of it. (he was famously called the “worst person in the world” by the South Park creators via their enormously popular TV show characters….and has never quite lived that name down)

Famous skeptic (and magician) James Randi has also been very personally punitive to John Edward, again….largely due to his fame and status as a spiritual icon in the Oprah age.

The IRONY is, of course…..

What many people won’t notice about John Edward is, he’s consistently one of the most accurate, often alarmingly so, even for a believer.

I’d also say, as a complete COUNTER factual to the arguments most skeptics make, his readings often provide amazing and interesting examples of what REAL mediumship looks like, when you strip away the stereotypes and cartoonish versions of many believe it to be.

(we’ve seen John on several ocassions in very small groups – and he isn’t guessing, cold reading or making up names on the fly (like the critics claim)

When he’s ON, he’s super specific, hyper direct, NOT ambigious and astonishingly accurate.

As a matter of fact…..I’ve watched super smart people, who have been life long SUPER skeptics, wide eyed in wonder at more than one JE small event.

A few years ago, I walked out of one small group reading with John Edward, stride for stride with a well known local skeptic (and Doctor, and personal friend of 20 years) who said…..”either those people were “in on it” or something just happened that I can’t begin to explain.”

Of course, a few days later, he started to rationalize it all away, and began to try to poke holes in what he had seen……but the fact remains, in the moment, walking out of that room on a warm S. Florida night, he was, for a few hours…..a believer.

(and as one of my best friends, I still love him like a brother…..just the same 😉

Here is the truth:

A good, evidential medium is 100% the opposite of what a cartoon or amateur medium does…and if you know this field like we do, the difference is immediately obvious.

Check out John Edward on the Anderson Cooper show. (a well known skeptic, who has stated that he was astonished by what happened behind the scenes with JE)

Here is Dr. Oz on his experiences with JE, and how, in his words.…John Edward changed my life. (again….to some, Dr. Oz isn’t the best character witness, but he’s no dummy)

Check out some of the various John Edwards stories and experiences other readers have shared over the years.  (starting with our own first experience, a number of  years ago)

Have you had an experience with JE or any other famous medium?  Share with us on Facebook, or in the community comments below.

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