Do psychic mediums have different brains than the rest of us? If so…..HOW so, and how would we even find out?

In this Fox news update, Theresa Caputo talks about her brain scans, and what various types of FMRI tests reveal about the unique workings of her mind, while channeling, or connecting with the other side.

The truth is, while some people will scoff this off, or want to chalk it up to a publicity stunt, anyone who does meditation, (as TC certainly does) knows that when in deep meditative states, part of the brain that are typically very active, go quiet…..and all sorts of amazing experiences can occur.

(the part of the brain that “blanks” in her words, is the part of the brain that is responsible for self chatter, or what scientists call “self referential processing”, the sense of “ME” that we all have going, pretty much, 24/7)

theresa caputo wikiOnce this quiets down, or goes away completely…as is the case with many really good meditators, what remains, is a bright, beautiful and endless awareness of power, potential and possibility, and often, all sorts of other images and information appear in this space. THIS is what many mediums are doing (not all, but many we’ve worked with) and THIS is also something that many monks, yogi’s and other contemplatives have shown, often in similar tests (FMRI and otherwise) and why meditation is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of self help, healing and spiritual growth on the planet. (yet again!)

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