life after death

Do you believe in life after death? What is the best evidence to YOU? Have you had a near death experience? (something that leads many of us to develop a deeper connection to the other side thereafter)

What about religion? Do you need to be religious to have a firm belief in a soul? If not….why not? And what types of evidence for a soul or spirit world does science most take seriously? (if any at all)

The truth is, there are millions of people who have amazing, inspiring, helpful, healing and HOPEFUL experiences that suggest that there is much more to life than meets the eye. Some studies show that 15% of those of us who have a cardiac arrest, will come back with a strong sense of having been transported to another dimension…….reunited with loved ones we’ve lost that have crossed, and been told we are to return with PASSION and purpose, because there is a reason we’re here, and a job we need to do.

Did you know that 50% of spouses who have lost their other half will report seeing, feeling, sensing or KNOWING their partner is there, well after they’ve gone? It’s true, and ADC’s (after death communication) are one of the most common types of spiritual experiences, and often go unreported, as they can sound so nuts. (NOT to us!)

Check out this little info-graphic. Which of these experiences rings MOST true to you? What have you seen, felt, experienced or witnessed that has convinced you that life continues on, after the physical body is gone? Share with us on FACEBOOK, or in the community comments below!

life after death

Which of these 8 types of experiences do YOU believe provides the strongest proof that life after death is a possibility? Or, maybe you’ve had your own experience that blows any of these out of the water? If you think that life after death, or the idea that we have a soul that “survives” the death of the physical body are true, we’d love to hear your experiences, and WHY you believe as well!

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