Who are the best psychics and mediums in Boston?

We get tons of requests and inquires from folks looking for a psychic or evidential medium reading in Boston (or Mass overall) and we’re curious what YOU think?  Have you had a particularly accurate or extraordinary experience with a psychic in Boston?  If so…..with who, and why?  Have you seen a medium that was highly regarded or came highly recommended in MA, only to find them disappointing or worse?  We want to hear about those experiences as well!

The truth is, the Northeast states have some of the very best and most gifted psychics, mediums, healers and spiritual teachers and trainers that we know of!  Of course, that could be my own bias, having grown up in NJ and having lived throughout the tri state region for most of my adult life.  (and having worked with, consulted with or become friends with many of the best light workers from Maine to Washington DC in the process!)

Check out just a few of our featured psychic mediums in Boston right here, and if you’ve had an outstanding experience with anyone you think we ought to know about, tell us about them in the community comments below.  (or via email, or on our FB page as well)  If you’ve had a bad experience with any of OUR mediums, or any other, we want to hear about that as well.  (transparency and radical openness is needed in this biz, and we want to give a fair voice to all)

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