Are you looking to get a private appointment with Theresa Caputo?

Join the club! We get hundreds of visits a week and many private emails, questions and requests for appointments to speak to Theresa Caputo in person. (either for you, or for your family members alike)

The truth is, even though Theresa Caputo has a profile on our site (created and maintained by our community, and her fans and followers) leaving comments on her page is NOT the right path to speak to her one on one, and she most likely does not check this page very often. (if at all anymore)

Your best bet to make an appointment with the long island medium or to get a reading from her directly?

1- Visit her web page HERE and check her appointments page. This is the most direct path to get in touch with her or her team, and we’ve heard from numerous people who have simply contacted Theresa Caputo directly, using the contact form on her website, who have later gotten a reading with her in private.

2 – The BEST way to ensure you get a chance to see the Long Island Medium in person? Go to one of her events!   (several of the mediums from our S. Florida community are going to her live event in Jacksonville, Florida on Jan 30th, so if you are going to be there…..let us know!)

Theresa does small group events and tours the country (and abroad) doing live readings in a group session, which can be an amazing opportunity to get a private reading (in a public setting) at a fraction of the price it would cost to see her one on one.

(and of course, in a fraction of the time as well, you won’t have to wait many months, or years……to get the opportunity to speak with her) Of course there are no guarantees that she will “call on you” during a live event, but I’m a firm believer in the when there is a will….there is a way approach to getting what you want in this world, and we’ve seen first hand how powerful this approach can be in real life.

3 – Lastly, try the various Long Island Medium social media pages. Theresa (and her team) are very active on social media, and her Facebook community is very organized and updated often. Of course, there is going to be a buffer here as well as she certainly has social media support that handles these sorts of appointment requests, but again…..we know of many readers who have made incredible connections with well known mediums and celebrity psychics, teachers, authors and healers, simply by sharing their own stories in an authentic and honest way, behind the scenes. We DO recommend you use some tact and humility and try to keep your request private (don’t post it on her public wall for example, as many of our readers have done on ours!) but again, we believe that things unfold the way that they are supposed to, and if TC IS in fact meant to give you a connection, it will happen organically on it’s own.

Of course, don’t forget that there are MANY legitimate, talented and evidential psychics and mediums doing amazing work around the world each and every day. You DON’T need a “famous” psychic to connect with a loved one, you just need a good, talented and honest one. Do ALSO note that the vast majority of after death communication experiences aren’t facilitated through psychics and mediums at all – they happen NATURALLY, on their own….in magical and mysterious and unexpected ways. (and don’t require anything other than paying close attention to your OWN intuition to arise!)

Good luck, and leave us comments below if we can help!

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