Welcome to another installment of our “Conversations with Clairvoyants” interview series!

Today we feature Seattle, Washington based psychic medium and spiritual life coach, Marc Lainhart. Marc not only has an amazing, uplifting and inspirational story to share about his OWN progress along the spiritual path, he has much insight and wisdom to offer any of us who are dealing with the inevitable challenges and obstacles that life will invariably throw in our way. I found Marc’s story, and his unique insight as he discovered his own particular passion, purpose and unique gifts a pleasure to read, and am confident you will feel equally as uplifted as well!

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You can read Marc’s interview below……enjoy!

Q: What has your experience been like doing this work, living this life and having an unusual

I did not have a vision, plan or even a ‘wanting’ in the very beginning of becoming a Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Advisor, Radio Show Personality, Metaphysical Teacher or even a Hiking Guide! Doing readings, radio, spiritual hikes, workshops, and mentoring others in the fields of Metaphysics and Spirituality, that was for other people!

After several years of ‘soul searching,’ learning, exploring, and discovering many wonderful experiences from what is ‘unseen,’ the Universe, time to heal and my eventual ‘choosing’ of my life path became clear as it unfolded right in front of my eyes and actually felt like the right thing to do!

I was working hard for many years as my life goal to become a professional firefighter/paramedic, even scoring number one in the eight month testing process for the Seattle Fire Department only to discover my physical body/back could no longer perform the duties required of the job and my early retirement from the fire service. My grandma was right when she told me “the future we imagine for ourselves is not always exactly how we picture it and want it to be.”

I knew very little of “living a spiritual life” or tapping into “my natural abilities,” and I was very lost as I did not know how to respond, understand, processes, analyze, all the tragic events that were unfolding in my life and really went through the motions and beliefs of a Western religion taught to me in school in the United States (think about where you live in the world as this can dictate what your belief system is,which drives your own reality), my childhood upbringing of church on Sunday’s, or reading inspiring, historical messages out of a leather bound book.

There are many great, historical books out in the world, that are much older than the bible and I believe there are many pathways to what we would call God, a higher consciousness, Spirit, the Universe, etc., and I teach for “prospectors” to be open-minded and explore, discover and make their own decision and conclusions for what is best for their lives!

I have come to learn that prayer is religion and spirituality through meditation is listening back and is a two-way street, done through love and learning, no matter what your beliefs may be. Something was still missing for me however, especially after two close encounters with death, one as a small child and one as an adult. This was the birth of The Intuitive Prospector and my spiritual practice.

Q: How (and when) did you discover that this is how life would evolve for you?

My spiritual path started many years ago, but I didn’t realize I was on this path fully and would be doing spiritual work until late 2009. I had served my country in the US Coast Guard for eight years, I had 1 served my local community as a professional firefighter/EMT for five years and now I was being called to serve spirit and I came kicking and fighting all along the way for almost 2 years!

Many spiritual doors of my life started to open through the power of meditation
, stillness, attunement, study and mentoring and I fully realized my gifts and abilities after a semester of focusing on “visualization, manifesting and meditation for the professional athlete” course in my graduate studies in Sports Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Through my career and much interaction with death and dying, including my own Near Death Experience (NDE) in a river accident, being present and holding my grandma’s hand at the actual time of her passing, to the tragic loss of both my younger brother, my older brother, and my father-in-law, I have been given a front row seat to what society calls death.

For those of us who work in spirit, we call this “Discarnate” or existing without a physical body or “Passing,” which implies the movement from one state to another. Both professionally and along with my personal experiences with death, the discarnate and those who have passed on has created, conditioned, enhanced my passion to not only be in service to spirit, but to “Explore & Discover through Body, Mind and Spirit,” of what is unknown or unseen and be the best messenger of spirit I can be, with the time I have left.

NO LONGER FEAR DEATH as a loss, but a new beginning!

This unique and special life path was opened to me with gifts and abilities to share with others and something I only ever imagined in a Hollywood film. I guess now I know why I went to Star Wars 23 times in the movie theater as a kid, and I am a believer in the “True Life Force”, that really does bind all of us together, just like collective branches on the Tree of Life. I “KNOW” and “FEEL” this life is not the end, but is really just “one leg of an awesome journey,” and a true Soul Adventure! LIFE = Learn If From Experience…

Q: What makes what you do different than other “psychics” or folks who do spiritual work?

My “Spiritual Prospecting” actually began some years back when I was given a front row seat to the pain, suffering and sadness of losing both of my brothers in the same week to murder and brain cancer.

My younger brother, Michael at the young age of 21 was taken from us (in his own home) when a robbery went sideways and my older brother Todd was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the age 33, that very same week. If life couldn’t get any worse for my family, my wife, Jenni and I were witness to the rapid decline of Jenni’s father, Don as he slowly passed away from the horrible disease, Multiple Sclerosis at the young age of 48. Think of it emotionally as watching the movies of your life, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ meets ‘Brian’s Song’ meets ‘Terms of Endearment’ meets ‘The Green Mile’, all at the same time!

I have spent the last ten years deciphering and demystifying the sensational subject matter of death and dying and through intense biofeedback sessions, past life regression therapy, weekly grievance counseling, advanced spiritual-medium training, graduate level education and personal mentoring with some of the best in their respected fields, it became very clear of what my life path is supposed to be and what really made me different from others around me.

My focus, energy, direction and goals ever since those dark days of death and dying has been to change this appearance in society that it is “OK”, “natural”, “manly and even cool” to be sensitive to your surroundings, spirit, what is unseen and embrace your abilities as you would with your other five senses.

I now strive to help others from around the world tap into and flex their own intuitive muscles and abilities and be in service to spirit and the needs of others.

Most people have lost someone close to them and a few of us may have been witness to a ‘Near Death  Experience’ (NDE). I not only have lost more than a few close friends and family, I have had not one, but two, near death experiences (NDE’s) in my life. At some point, one has to wake up and realize there is a larger picture to our lives while here on Earth and that death is not the end of our life, but just the next step in a natural progression and flow of life. This is my story and how a series of tragic events in my family and two near death situations turned my world upside down, and put me on the life path that I am today.

As an intuitive coach, spiritual advisor and clairvoyant medium, I work with people in both group and personal readings, spiritual workshops and 1 on 1 mentoring throughout the year to help bring forth balance, direction, positive energy, healing, hope, peace and understanding for those who are “Prospecting”, open-minded and are seeking a more full-filled life.

All things are connected and whatever we do to the Tree of Life, we do to ourselves. I can’t and will not try to offer you the “Meaning of Life”, but I can guarantee we will “Prospect” together so we can further “Explore and Discover Your Spiritual Gold through Body, Mind & Spirit.”

Q – What has been the biggest gift or blessing that choosing (or following) this path has brought to your life?

The Intuitive Prospector™ spiritual practice based out of Seattle, Washington and my radio show, Inspired Living over on OM Times Radio was created to help others, serve others and promote an awesome lifestyle for many “Spiritual Prospectors” looking for their own personal “Spiritual Gold” and to live, learn and love each day through many “Soul Adventures,” and what I call “full Soul Progression.”

The biggest gift and blessing on this path is the ability to help bring healing, closure, understanding, empathy and education through a level of compassion, kindness and caring to others who are in need or searching for answers when the “waves of change” happens to us all. Teaching, learning, traveling, growing, transforming and being in service to spirit have been some of the biggest blessings so far on my own spiritual path and has been a large part of my own healing process in helping others from my professional and personal experiences. I can say today with a healing heart, a peaceful mind and a spiritual body of wisdom and many life experiences, that I “Once was a student of loss, but I am now a teacher of hope!”

Q: What challenges have you faced along the way? Can you share some of the obstacles this life path has presented?

One of my biggest challenges I faced was myself and not “trusting” in the spiritual process. The first thing I teach in my mentoring program today or what I have “coined” your “Spiritual ABC’s” of Awakening/Awareness, Breathing and Connecting is to “Trust” what you are receiving, feeling, hearing or seeing, otherwise there is no point in moving forward until you can master that process and the thoughts of the very complicated human mind.

I spent a few wasted years of self-analyzing and asking if I had gone crazy or schizophrenic. I worried about what my friends, family and society would say and think of me and my new spiritual abilities. I did have some friends and family either distance themselves from my life or walk away all together while I journeyed down this new spiritual path.

Through my experiences, education, training, getting older and gaining more knowledge about life, the wisdom I was exploring for started to unravel for me and I finally learned that in order to live a life of freedom and have an authentic experience for life, it is never any of our business what others think of us and we must  make our own choice, take a chance on ourselves and always trust in the changes (without control) that will happen for each and every one of us in life! For every person who was no longer in my life, spirit made sure to fill that vacuum with two more people who were like-minded and supported my new spiritual path, welcomed me into what we like to say “locating my tribe” with other souls who share similar knowledge, experiences and spiritual abilities.

I will be honest, it was a major challenge in my life as I was raised to always prove myself in life and I went to great lengths to please others or cater to my own ego. Through this process and life challenge, I also learned to identify, recognize, and distance myself from the human ego and the crazy internal workings of the human mind, but I wanted more!

My spiritual search intensified for answers of what I was experiencing, feeling, hearing and seeing from those who have crossed over and sit on the other side of the ‘spiritual veil’ and still communicate with us, if we are open to it! I also found out these abilities do run in my family history and I do believe and teach that all of us have special, natural abilities while here on earth. My hope and intent is to express,share, inspire, teach, guide and help others through my personal and professional life experiences, stories, education, and knowledge in the fields of Spirituality, Metaphysics, death and dying or what I call “transference” or “transitioning.”

I accomplish the work for spirit through my spiritual practice in Seattle, Washington, my radio show; Inspired Living, local hikes, personal readings and mentoring, fun and intuitive workshops, end of life consulting, and spiritual advising. After several years of learning,study, development, self-reflection, guidance, confidence and TRUST, I did start to accept my intuitive gifts (and myself as a soul) with the realization that I was not crazy and needed to be “checked in”. When I explored deeper into spiritual consciousness, I not only discovered a lot about myself, others and the world around me, I also started to see life through a new set of eyes, feel through a new series of heartbeats and I was finally feeling at peace with my mind, body and spirit and that is who The Intuitive Prospector™ is today…

“Dare to Dream-Dare to Explore-Dare to LIVE!”
Happy Prospecting & Many Blessings…

Marc Lainhart