johnedwardWhat is a reading with John Edward like?

Is he as accurate in person as he is on TV?  Are his shows scripted like many skeptics proclaim?  What about his misses or things he gets totally wrong?  

Do they come to pass AFTER the reading is over…..and if so, what do the people who got the readings say about his readings weeks, months or even years later?

The truth is, we get lots of questions about John Edward readings, and even in 2015, when he is probably NOT the most famous or well known psychic medium in the world (that title probably goes to Theresa Caputo) Edward remains one of the most compelling and controversial mediums anywhere in the world.

I have personally been to several private sessions with John in a small group setting, and several of the readers in our community have had great working experiences, and exemplary spiritual experiences as well, seeing him privately behind the scenes.

(one of my favorite stories about John Edward was a CNN stagehand who I bumped into a few years ago who described how in one interview with Anderson Cooper, the professional studio microphone repeatedly and mysteriously stopped working……and while Edward was unfazed, Anderson Cooper, a self described skeptic in psychics, spirits and anything involving the afterlife, was completely befuddled by how it was possible that brand new electronics, multiple units, could suddenly “break” merely being in the same room with Edward.  Many people who have spiritual experiences report problems with electronics thereafter…..for example, watches are known to stop working for thousands of  near death experience survivors.  A very strange and difficult to explain coincidence, or something more?)

Anyway, Edward’s book – Crossing Over, the Stories Behind the Stories is a great read, and a great window into the wild, weird, wacky and wonderful world of doing psychic readings on TV, and how the information from Edward’s readings has changed (or not) the lives and beliefs of some of the many people who have had visited the Crossing Over set over the years.

Want to see John Edward for a private reading or event?  Check out his website HERE, read his book on Amazon here, or visit his profile on the famous psychic medium directory right here.!



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