Is it just me, or does Long Island NY seem to produce an unusual amount of world famous psychic mediums?

laura lynn jacksonIf you think that Theresa Caputo, Kim Russo, George Anderson and John Edward are the only famous mediums from Long Island who are impressing audiences around the world….think again!

Lauren Lynn Jackson, a school teacher and certified medium through the well respected Windbridge Institute in Arizona, is the most recent “celebrity” psychic to come out of Long Island. A bit of a different personality than the rest of the celebrity psychic set, Lauren’s new best selling book – The Light Between Us, is not only a great and smart spiritual read, it also details what life is REALLY like for someone who navigates between two worlds – the ordinary day to day life of a mother and teacher, and the extraordinary life of a highly regarded and respected spiritual medium.

The book is a great read, and you can check out the  events on her website HERE.

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For some more news stories and buzz about Laura’s new book, the Light Between Us and her life as a medium, check out the article following the short excerpt below.


This was it: the rigorous test that would show whether I truly had psychic abilities. There was no chance whatsoever of cheating — the scientists at a leading American research institute had seen to that.

For the first test, I would be asked to contact a dead person who was in some way connected to a volunteer guinea pig whom I wouldn’t even get to meet. I would have nothing to work from except the first name of their dead relative or friend.

Then, after being given the name, I’d be grilled for 15 minutes by a scientist, Dr Julie Beischel, on what I’d learnt from beyond the grave.

Based in Arizona, the Windbridge Institute For Applied Research In Human Potential is run by scientists dedicated to researching phenomena that can’t be explained by traditional scientific disciplines.

As planned, Dr Beischel, the director of research, gave me the name of a deceased person: Mary. That’s all. Then she asked me about Mary’s personality, physical appearance and interests, plus how she had died. As soon as I started talking, I felt a flood of information come through. The words and images came so fast I felt as if I was dictating a novel.

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