Psychics Who Do Past Life Regression

Is past life regression real?  What is the best way to find a  psychic or medium who works with past lives?  What should I expect?  Can it be done over the phone?

QAAny of these questions sound familiar?  We get at least one question about past life regression, or past life readings, or questions about reincarnation research in general, just about every day.  The truth is, this is an unusual area, even in the psychic domain, and is probably something well worth reading up on before you dive in and do it.

Why?  Because there are many different variables involved when it comes to past life readings.  Some people use hypnosis, or altered states to faciliate the process by which the reading or experience unfolds.  Others use tarot cards, and NO altered state on your part at all, which is a totally different type of experience (with far fewer potential problems) for obvious reasons.

Of course, whenever you get into the area of understanding MEMORIES, and the mind……it’s difficult for anyone to truly know for sure where memory recall comes from, even those who study the human brain on a daily basis.  I know this isn’t popular to say, especially amongst many of our members who do this sort of work, but I’m not convinced that past life recall, at least that done during an altered state of consciousness, is anything more than the mind generating images and experiences that may not have anything at all to do with a previous incarnation.

(and it’s the BIG reason why most of the folks who study reincarnation and past life memories in general, like Dr. Jim Tucker at UVA and the late Dr. Ian Stevenson – didn’t, and still won’t use evidence that arises from regression therapy in their research – it’s just too hard to pin down how and where and why these images appear)

On the OTHER hand….. books like Many Lives, Many Masters  by Dr Brian Weiss…..are incredibly inspiring and are important for many of us on the spiritual path as well.  I’ve read them all, and have seen Dr. Weiss in person, in a small group setting, on several occassions, and his work is quite powerful and profound.

Here is a short list of some of the psychics who do past life regression in our community.

My favorite, if I had to recommend 1 exceptional person to study, would be psychic channeler (and now bestselling author) Paul Selig.

What do YOU believe?  Share your own experiences with past life regression and if appropriate, a review of  the psychics who do it –  good, bad or otherwise in the community comments below!


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